Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recent Makeup Haul

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends!!!!!!!!!!:) Excuse my super daming "i" and exclamations! Natutuwa lang ako! hehe.. OMG!! I can't believe I'm typing now and updating this blog after almost a year! Sarap ng feeling!! I still don't know if I will be back again into blogging. All I know for now is I miss doing haul post. So yeah, without further ado, let me share with you what makeup products I recently purchased. 
Look Beauty Prime Perfect
Look Beauty Cheeky Trio in Peachy Melba
Look Beauty Lip Smoothie
Miners Matte Factor Warm Red

Mememe Cherub's Blush Cheek and Lip Tint

You know what's so exciting about this haul? I got all of them half the price!! Yeeeey!! I super love sale! I'm sure you love it too!:) I got all of it from Makeup Hub, btw.

So that's it for now. Anyway, do you want me to review any of these babies? Comment down below:)

PS. Sorry for the not so good photos, kinuha ko lang yan sa instagram ko. hahaha!! Follow me? instagram.com/mitchiekyuti

Enjoy the rest of the week and God bless everyone!:)

Love Lots,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LOOK: Nude or Bold Lips?

Hello friends! I'm back! Though I still don't know if for good. LOL! So for my "come back" post. I decided to post this look I made weeks ago. I think I will be wearing this look for a night out party (which is not my cup of tea..LOL) I used black and gray shades of eyeshadow and black liner for a smokey effect. So without further ado.. here's the look I came up with!:)

LOOK 1: Nude Lips
(Barry M Pink Suede)


LOOK 2: Bold Lips
(Miners Matte Effect in Vixen)

4U2 Dream Girl Liquid Foundation Shade 02
4U2 Dream Girl BB Powder Shade 02
Elf Matte Bronzer
Elf Studio Baked Blush in Passion Pink

Brows and Eyes:
Elf  Eyebrow Kit in Medium
Elf Matte Bronzer (Used in Brows)
E.L.F. Beauty-on-the-Go palette
NYX Skinny Eyeliner
MAC Eye kohl in Smolder
Eyelash Diva (Fake Eyelashes)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Barry M Pink Suede
Miners Matte Effect Vixen

 What shade do you think is better? Comment below!:)

So that's it for tonight!:)
Have a blessed Holy Week!:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!

Love Lots,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

REVIEW: Facial Bleaching Soap from SKINETIQUE

Finally!:) Tonight is my off and I'm so ready doing this review!:) This is my first time to review a soap, I don't want to rush myself on posting this review because I really want to see what this product has to offer. Using a whitening soap does not take effect after several wash (based on my experience). I've tried many soap that offers a whiter skin after a week or so but for me, using it religiously and properly will give you what you wish for. So I decided to do this review after finishing the entire bar!:) At least I can totally give you information about this product.

This soap was sent to me by the ever beautiful Paq of Skinetique last January. See haul here. I am so excited to try this out the moment I opened my package! But since I'm trying another product, I started using it January 21, 2013. Actually this is my first time to use a black soap and I'm super curious about it. 
Sorry I forgot to measure it. Haha!! Just make these photos your reference. :)

I was curious if this soap will give black bubbles, but yeah it does not! HAHA!!:) 

Let me share with you my first impressions after using this soap!:)
-It really does remove dirt on my face. Emphasizing the word "REALLY"
-I super love the feeling of "super linis na face" after rinsing.
-It can remove face makeup such as foundation and blush.
-Mild scent

As days went by, this soap has been part my shower routine and before bedtime routine.
I use it twice a day and sometimes I wash my face 2x because I super love the feeling after each wash! HAHA!! Adik lang?:p 
As I have said earlier, using a whitening product needs a lot of patience for you to see the result. I've been using this for almost  2 months now, 53 days to be exact. Yes! You read it right, 2 months. I am amazed how this product lasts like forever. Most of the whitening soap I've used lasts for a week and known to melt bigtime! But this soap, no no no!!   I'm more than happy that I've seen a good result using this product. It evens out my skin tone, and lighten my pimple marks!:)  I love it super that I seldom wear makeup at work and go home after a toxic shift without looking greasy! HAHA!! It really does minimize the oiliness on my face, knowing the humid temperature here in Manila plus the fact that the hospital I work is kinda hot! LOL
I noticed that the color of my face is kinda different from my arms, so I decided to use it on my extremities earlier this month, but still I got a small part of the soap left!! Amazing!!:) The best part of it: it's only 80PhP!!! :) 

Here's a photo of the soap after 50 days. Sorry for the wrong date. It's March 12, 2013 not 16!! Advance lang ang peg? AHAHAH!!

 Here's a before and after photo. The before photo was actually taken taken February 9. I can't seem to find a photo of me not wearing makeup before using this soap. The after photo was taken just now. HAHA!!:)
If you want to try this soap out, please visit Skinetique's Facebook Page to order!:)

Will definitely recommend this to all of you who wants to have a fairer skin with a tight budget!:) I would definitely repurchase this again and again and again!! HAHA!:)

Thanks Sis Paq for letting me try this amazing soap!:)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Skinetique as a gift without an agreement of posting a review. This is my fair and honest review of this product based on my experience!:) Always remember that products that works for me may not work for you and vise versa!:)

So that's it for tonight!:)
God Bless and Keep Safe!:)

Love Lots,