Thursday, February 23, 2012

Itsjudytime Meet and Greet here in Manila!:)

I love watching make-up and hair tutorials in Youtube but it's just early last year that I discovered Judy's channel. It was my inaanak (God daughter introduced me to her channel. Ashley (my inaank) is so proud telling me: "Ninang, may tita ako sa Youtube, search mo dali Itsjudytime" while I was watching some make-up tutorial that time. I didn't notice the time from the moment I started watching her videos because I am so loving her! Been watching her tutorials for hours! Haha!:) From that time on, I'm a fan! YAY!:) I love make-up, yes! But its really hard for me to put on some eye shadows! haha!!:p Actually it's because of her why I got myself a set of make-up brushes! I love how she does her eye make-up!:) Well.. actually, everything!:) I got inspired, I wanna learn!:) After a few days, tadaaaa!! I got my 32pcs. make-up brushes! Hehe. In short, I love her! She inspires me to learn more. And yes! I'm proud to be her fan!:) Okay.. I wont make this introduction too long.

January 21, 2012, Saturday, 7pm at Red Mango, Mall of Asia is the day I have been waiting for! It's Judy of Itsjudytime's meet and greet! Yey!:) It was me, Tita Ching (Judy's cousin), Lola Julie (Judy's aunt), Ashey and Allysa (both Judy's niece) went at the venue. I'm super excited on finally meeting her! We arrived super early, like 1 and a half hour early, I think. Haha! Define excited? (LOL) Say of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero arrived earlier too to talk to the manager regarding the event. Actually, I'm also one of her followers. I approached her and we did some little chit chats too. Mostly about being Judy's fanatics and about make-ups!:) What else to talk about right? Anyway, I love this girl, she's so nice and so easy to talk with. Pramis!:) I so want to talk to her still but some of her beauty blogger friends arrived already. Little by little the venue is getting jam packed just right before Judy arrived! By the way, Benji (Judy's hubby) arrived earlier than Judy to coordinate with Say about the event.

Anyway, when Judy arrived. She went to our table (I'm with her relatives kase) just outside Red Mango. OMG!! She's sooooo gorgeous! I'm just starstruck! I can't believe that the beauty guru I used to watch on my lappy is now right in front of me and me doing some beso-beso! Hahaha!! Saya lang ng feeling!:) Judy is also with her lovely mom, Tita Nini and her cousins as well. Tita Ching also introduced me to Tita Nini. She knows my name already! Nakwento na pala ako ni Tita Ching sa kanya before. telling her that I'm a proud fan of her gorgeous daughter!:)

I can't explain the feeling while watching Judy speaks and breaks the ice. Every single girl on that room is just in an awe, all faces smiling, cameras flashing, video cam rolling. Everyone is just so busy capturing the moment. Puma-FAN girl ang peg namen that time! HAHA! Each of us got the chance to introduce ourselves. There's a question and answer portion too, where in Judy's fan can ask anything we want to know more about Judy or anything we want to know about beauty. Judy's so game answering them all! The FUN PART was when Judy asked questions about her videos, her life with Benji, Benji's favorite make-up that Judy's using etc. Anything that can be answered if you really are watching her videos!:) The first one to raise her hand and answered the question correctly will get a beauty loot from NYX cosmetics. Oh yeah! I'm just one of these girls listening attentively to the questions and prompt on raising hand! Haha! Well.. everyone of us got the beauty loot bag. Nobody goes home empty handed. YAY! I love it!:) Everyone is so busy asking her and her hubby Benji for pictures. Benji is such a supportive husband ever! Supeeer!:) They're such a lovely couple!:) After the picture taking, everyone can get yogurt treats for free! Yumyum!:)

Since I was with Judy's relatives, I am so lucky spending dinner with her and her big family! Say is with us too, ofcourse!:) We dine at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe. The foods are delish!:) I only got a few chance talking to Judy. She's so nice, sweet and a very down to earth person. Pramis!:) I regret the moment that I only got few words left on my English vocabulary when she talked to me. Hahaha! Sooobra! I'm just starstruck of her presence. Yung feeling na amazed na amzaed ka na hindi ka na makapagsalita!! HAHAHA!! I also got few pictures taken with her, kase naman di ko pala nacharge yung battery ng cam ko! Haaaay! Hehehe.. :p

After dinner, Judy and her cousins stayed at MOA, Say already went home after dinner, while the rest of us went to their hotel. Kuya Randy and Benji just drop us off at the hotel and went back to MOA. We just stayed maybe half an hour at Tita Nini's room. Tita Nini's such a proud mom! She logged on to Facebook and let us watch Judy's daily vlogs during their stay in Batangas. So sweet right?:) <3

I arrived home past 12mn already. It was indeed a great day ever! So happy spending my entire night with Judy, her husband Benji and her big family!:) Ofcourse meeting Say too!:)

Here are some photos taken during the M&G:

Judy showing us what's inside the beauty loot bag!:)

My one and only picture taken with Judy!:)
Sabi ni Kuya Randy, Judy's cousin: "Buti umabot pa!" (Nalowbatt na kase! Hahaha!!)

With Judy, Ashley and Alyssa

With Say!:)

Allysa and Say

Youtube's beauty Gurus!:)

Ashley enjoying her chocolate overload yogurt!:)

Dinner time!:)

Allysa and Ashley at the hotel lobby striking their pose!:)

Judy's treats!:) Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Loot Bag Giveaway!:)

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Judy's twitter account - @itsjudytime
Say's twitter account - @saytioco
You can follow me too!:) @mitchiekyuti

To end my novel-like entry, (LOL) I just wanna quote Judy's famous line: "Natural is Beautiful but Makeup is Glam!"

PS. I just wanna say Thank you to Judy and Benji for the yummy dinner!:) Sarap!:p

That's all for now, loves! Let's all stay gorgeous!:)

Love lots,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wet n' Wild Beauty Treats!:)

I have mentioned on my previous blog (click here to view) that I won a beauty loot from Wet n' Wild Philippines on their 'Tis the Season to Shine contest. So I thought of sharing with you what I've got!:)

My photo entry!:) Super simple look!:)

Wet n' Wild products used:
-Intuitive blend shade adjusting foundation+primer in fair shade
-Natural Blend Mineral Foundation+Mineral Veil in fair shade
-Ultimate Minerals bronzer (for face contour)
-Ultimate Minerals Blush in pinched pink
-Mega eyes defining marker in Blackest black
-Mega last lip color Spiked with Rum 915B

Again, thank you WnW for these lovely treats!:) Lovin' them all!:)

PS. Thanks ng severe sa mga friends ko na nag-like ng photo entry ko!:) Lab ko kayo soobra!:)

Love Lots,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 14, 2012

The 14th of February is not just a ordinary Tuesday for most of us. This day is extra-ordinary most especially to those people who have been shot by cupid's arrow. Haha! Some say this day is for couples who are desperately in love with each other. Haha! Desperately talaga? Of course not! This day is made special for everyone. Whether single or taken, young or old, it's just a matter of how you see things differently.. positively.

Since it's just me and my mom at home that day (my dad is busy managing our farm in the province while my kuya (older brother) will go to her girlfriend's house after work.), I made some merienda. Our all time favorite clubhouse sandwich (my version:p). It's just our simple way to celebrate Valentine's day. Yes! We do celebrate this day yearly. Either we eat out or I'll cook something for dinner or some snacks and eat together as a family. Sweet!!:) This day is special. Why choose to make it just ordinary day? This happens once a year so why make the day pass, right? Here's some pictures of my home made clubhouse sandwich. :)

Anyway, my inaanak (god daughter) made my Valentine's Day extra special too! She gave me a Valentine's Day letter. Awww... Isn't she the sweetest?

Super na-touch ako kasi special sa kanya yung stationery na ginamit nya dito. Ginamit na daw nya kasi special daw ako. Awww..

Being single on a Valentine's Day is not bad at all. Right?:) How about you? How'd you celebrate this special day? Share me your experience!:)

Before I end my post, let me share to y'all few lines of a song.. "Love, love has come my way, and I know it's gonna be okay. and it will always be a happy day.. because love has come my way." Spread the love!:)

Love lots,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wet n' Wild Megalast Nail Color Product Review

Last December, I joined a contest on Facebook and it is hosted by Wet n' Wild Philippines. Yes! I won!:) I got Wet n' Wild products as my prize and one of these is the Megalast Nail Color in Caught Red Handed shade- 214C. I am so happy and feeling lucky because I love painting my nails RED!:)

I just want to make a quick review about this product. Please bear with me loves, it is my first time to do a product review. Hehe. Anyway, let's get started!:)

I personally love how cute the packaging is. It has a wider brush which can help you save time brushing on your nails. When you apply it on your nails, it is not thick and glides on smoothly. In my case I do 3 coats because I want it to look more opaque and darker. But I guess 2 coats will just be fine. What I love about this nail polish is that it dries so quick! Even for 3 coats! This nail polish is perfect for those girls who are always on the go. YAY to that! With regards on how many days before it chipped, I can't really tell since I do some household chores daily. But in my case, my nail polish lasted for a bout 3days before I saw some chipping. Mostly on the tip of the nails. I don't put top coat on my nails here. Still looks shiny even without right? I think putting a great top coat will definitely make it last for 5 days without chipping. (for those who are not doing any household works, I guess!hehe.. ) For me, this product is worth buying. I love it!:)

Wet n' Wild Megalast Nail Color is available at selected SM Department stores for the price of 199PhP. For the list of their store branches, please visit Wet n' Wild Philippines Facebook Page to inquire.

PS. Thank you Wet n' Wild for giving me such a great prize!:)

Love lots,

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Day Before Hearts Day

My good friend Carla and I visited Sarah at work at Robinson's Galleria last Monday. Sarah will be flying tomorrow (February18) to Singapore for a greener pasture!:) Anyway, we had our merienda at Pizza Hut then watched The Vow after. Sadly, Sarah won't be able to join us!:( She needs to go back to work. 1 hour is not enough for our unending kwentos! Carla and I spent almost the entire day together. I did her make up too!:) Too bad we're in a rush, we should have taken a before picture. LOL! It was super fun!:) Let the pictures do the talking.

Bestfriends: Sarah and Carla

Picture first while waiting for Sarah

Since the next day is Valentines Day, our nails are painted RED! Sooo cute!:) BTW, I just painted Carla's nails that day after doin' her make up! Thanks to Wet n' Wild nail polish!:)
(Will do a separate review on this product.)


Happy tummy!:)


YAY! Finally! The long wait is over!:) I think I will do a separate blog about this film!:) ♥♥♥

Ok na sana! Kamusta naman ang movie ticket ng Rob Galle! Hand written!:)) Perfect di ba?:))

Thank you Carla for the treat!:) Love you CC!:)
To Sarah, till our next bonding!:) We will miss you! Keep in touch!:)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Primadonna Love Month Sale

Primadonna is on SALE!:) This promo is for regular items only. But worry not ladies if you're on a tight budget! There are lots of items on sale too! From 1, 199. 95 down to 799.95!:) Great deal isn't it? From clothing line to shoes.

Note: I only went to SM San Lazaro branch. I don't know if all branches are also having their sale on selected items. But I'm sure that the promo on the flyer is for all branches and runs till the end of the month!:) Happy Shopping loves!:)

Hopefully, I can get myself a pair this month!:) I'm just waiting for my kuya's (older brother) go signal. He's my financier!Haha!


Watsons Haul

Yesterday, I went to SM San Lazaro to buy some groceries and 2 4lbs dumbbell that I need for my exercise routine. I went straight to the sports store but unfortunately it is out of stock!:( Anyway, since the store is at the lower ground level of the mall, I decided to do the groceries already. Since I just bought few things, it only took me a little time to finish. I have no intentions of buying anything for myself except the soap that I have been using for months which I already bought from the supermarket. It's still early so i decided to swing by at the Primadonna store. I will not buy anything! I just looked around and tried some shoes. All the shoes are adorable! Shoes to die for if I may say. So since I have no plans on buying at the moment, I went out of the store after trying a few shoes that I want to buy soon!:) The Primadonna store is just a few stores away from Watsons. Since I am firm on not buying something, that's how confident I am to enter the store and not buy anything! Haha!! I just want to look for some make up brushes from Marionnaud. Not until I passed by the foot care section! I saw all of this foot soak, foot scrub, foot lotion and stuffs concerning about foot! I realized its been a long time since I went to a salon for a foot spa! I just want to try doing it on my own. I can't help it! Sorry. That's why I bought these products. Hahaha!

Ariana Foot File with Handle - 82PhP
Caronia Hand and Foot Care Revitalizing soak and wash in Green Tea scent - 47PhP from 54PhP
Caronia Hand and Foot Care Renewing scrub in Green Tea scent - 60PhP from 68PhP
Sureaid Corn and Callous remover foot therapy - 69Php
Kojie san skin lightening soap - 50PhP (From SM Supermarket)

Tried all of this already last night before bedtime! Smells good and the result is not bad. It softens my skin!:) Regarding the callous remover I need to use it regularly for best result, as per the saleslady told me. Oh by the way, I also pampered my mom with my own version of foot spa!:) Super special foot spa for a very special mom! She liked it!:) Just my little way of me saying I love her! My pre-valentine treat for her I guess!:) What's your valentine treat for your mom? Simple things done wholeheartedly will always be the best gift you can give. Whether simple or extravagant, what matters is you mean it and you're happy!:)

That's all for now loves!:) Happy Friday! It's gimik night, be safe and enjoy!:)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reviving My Broken Havaianas Flip Flops

Hiyee!:) Almost all of us loves Havaianas! It's comfortable to wear though it is quite pricey for a flip flop . Before, I always tell my friends that I will never buy this kind of slippers because it is so expensive. But I did! Haha! The last pair of Havaianas that I bought was last March 2010, by the month of May it's already broken!:( From then on, I have no intentions of buying again. Look how it looks like:(

I just wanna share something I did today about fixing my old Havaianas slippers. While having lunch, something pop up in my mind. Right after eating, I searched for my broken flip flops. I have an idea on how to repair it and make it useable again. (Actually my mom's idea too:p)

All you need are the following materials:

A pair of scissors, ribbon, needle with thread for sewing and a good quality glue. You can also use rugby or mighty bond. Here, I used a fabric glue. :)

All you have to do is
1. Glue the ribbon on the middle part of the strap up to the very end for anchoring. Be sure to use a good quality glue.

2. Insert the ribbon on the hole then glue the tip inside the hole. Let it dry.

3. Get the button which is the same size of the hole at the back of your slippers. You have to secure it by sewing the button to the ribbon close to the hole. Make sure it is well anchored and at the right place.

4. Glue the button inside the hole. Cut the ribbon leaving a small portion then glue it at the back of your slippers. Let it dry.

See how it looks like after. YAY!

You can now use it!!:) Actually, I am wearing it now while doing this blog. I prefer to use it just at home or for some errands around the neighborhood. I think I did well on reviving my Havaianas. Hahaha!! I hope this helps, especially to those who can't let go of their favorite flip flops. Good luck if you want to try this too!:) Share me your experience about it. Let me know the result!:)