Friday, February 17, 2012

The Day Before Hearts Day

My good friend Carla and I visited Sarah at work at Robinson's Galleria last Monday. Sarah will be flying tomorrow (February18) to Singapore for a greener pasture!:) Anyway, we had our merienda at Pizza Hut then watched The Vow after. Sadly, Sarah won't be able to join us!:( She needs to go back to work. 1 hour is not enough for our unending kwentos! Carla and I spent almost the entire day together. I did her make up too!:) Too bad we're in a rush, we should have taken a before picture. LOL! It was super fun!:) Let the pictures do the talking.

Bestfriends: Sarah and Carla

Picture first while waiting for Sarah

Since the next day is Valentines Day, our nails are painted RED! Sooo cute!:) BTW, I just painted Carla's nails that day after doin' her make up! Thanks to Wet n' Wild nail polish!:)
(Will do a separate review on this product.)


Happy tummy!:)


YAY! Finally! The long wait is over!:) I think I will do a separate blog about this film!:) ♥♥♥

Ok na sana! Kamusta naman ang movie ticket ng Rob Galle! Hand written!:)) Perfect di ba?:))

Thank you Carla for the treat!:) Love you CC!:)
To Sarah, till our next bonding!:) We will miss you! Keep in touch!:)


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