Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wish Me Luck!!

Hi everyone!:) I just want to let you all know that I will be absent here from Sunday to Wednesday, for some important matters. I received a good news this week and I need to work hard for me to get it!:) I need all your prayers!! This really means a lot to me. I've been waiting for this for sooooo long! Anyways, I will be posting a review and my Day 17 Makeup Challenge, tomorrow. The Makeup Challenge will resume either Wednesday night or Thursday!:) Wish me luck!:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day #17/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite makeup artist?

My favorite makeup artist are also from YouTube!:) Since I started my interest on makeup, YouTube has always been my place of learning.

I know these lovely gurus are also Prof Makeup Artists..

My top picks are:

Samantha and Nic of Pixiwoo
Photo taken from Pixiwoo's Facebook Fan Page.
Judy of ItsJudyTime
Photo taken from Judy's blog.

How about you, who's your favorite makeup artist/s?

Have a great Friday night everyone!:)
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day #16/30 Makeup Challenge: Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?

Hi!:) I'm back again for my Day 16 Makeup Challenge!:) Do I copy any celebrities makeup look? Hmmm.. I haven't tried it yet! But I've been meaning to try Katy Perry's look especially the eye makeup look!! Plus the super gorgeous lashes!! HAHA!! Anyhoo, since we're talking about look here, let me share with you my  makeup look last New Year's Eve!:)

Busy on the kitchen!! Love my apron here! LOL

So that's it for now.. If you haven't read my Day 15 Makeup Challenge, click here.

Keep Safe and God Bless!:)
Have the sweetest dream ever! Cyber hugs everyone!:)

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ELF Cream Eyeliner Smudge Test

Hi ladies and gents!:) I went to SM Carriedo last Monday to check out if my favorite face powder is already back on stock but sadly it's still OOS. I was browsing products from ELF then I saw this cream eyeliner. I haven't tried any cream eyeliner ever so I decided to give it a try. I bought it! My budget for the face powder is already gone!! Tsktsk! HAHA!! I'm really not feeling well today but I want to do some smudge test of this product. (I did not try it out before buying! HAHA!! I want to surprise myself!!:p)
This product cost 249.75PHP at any ELF Beauty Counters nationwide!

ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black SWATCH

 After 1 minute and 3 seconds, I do the smudge test. 

Look what happened after the smudge test.

I placed it under a running water while rubbing it 3 times. Photo above for the result.

I am amazed by the result of this test. After doing the smudge test, ELF cream eyeliner shows a minimal (super minimal) smudging. I haven't used it yet to line my eyes so I can't give a full review of this product. I Will be back for a review after using it for a week or so for me to test drive the product.

So that's it for now! I will be back before the night ends for my Day 16 Makeup Challenge.

Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

REVIEW: ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Yay to me for another review! Another item to cross out on my "To Blog List"!!:) Anyhoo, I bought this product mid August, I am controlling myself not to use it first because I need to do some product shoot first. But as always, I can't fight it! I gave up so quick! HAHA!! I've read a lot of reviews about this product and seen a lot of tutorials using this a year ago. It's just last month that I decided to get myself one. As what others says, this product is a dupe for the famous NARS Orgasm and Laguna Blush Duo (hope that's correct). Well, I really can't tell because I don't own the product to compare with. So here's what I have to say about Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.

Let's talk about the Blush first. 
It is a peachy color with a slight touch of pink with loads of tiny gold shimmer on it. I'm not really a fan of glittery blush, but I think this blush will not give you a glittery face but a glowing face when blended really well. Just make sure to tap the excess product before applying. This is also good as a highlighter, if I may add. For me it is not so pigmented though buildable for 2-3 swipes. Personally, the blush part is really hard for me to wear, maybe of my skin tone. Though I can recommend this to ladies with fair skin and will surely give a beautiful glow on their cheeks. If ever I wan't to use the blush part, I combined it with the bronzer. To give a little bit of color to show on my face.

 Lets move to the Bronzer part.
The bronzer is a brownish color with a hint of gold shimmer. I can say that this Bronzer really suits me! I love how it works whenever I contour my face. (I love contouring, if you don't know!) Compare to the blush part, the bronzer is really pigmented! It is easy to apply and blendable too!:) Since the product is pigmented, be sure to tap excess product and make sure to apply the product on your face with a light hand. Did you noticed the glittery thing on the pan? if you worry of having a glittery face, worry no more! Because when applied, you can't hardly see on the face. Kinda look like a smooth finish after blending the product really well.

 Swiped some products on my fingers.

Swatched it at the back of my hand!:)
(I told you, you can't hardly see the glitters, right?)

-Affordable at 249.75PHP.
-2 Shades in one package
-Sturdy and "sosyal" looking packaging
-The Bronzer is pigmented
-The product is easy to blend
-I love the big mirror!
(I really like products that comes with a mirror!)

-The blush part, I seldom use it because It does not match my skin tone.
-I think the powder is not well pressed on the pan, that's why whenever I swipe my brush, I actually get more product than what I needed. Though it's not chalky at all.
(Make sure to tap the excess before applying, ok?)

If you ask me will I repurchase this again, my answer would be no. It's not that I don't like the product, but since It's just the bronzer that really works on me, I can use some of my bronzers for contouring and maybe try another blush that will suit my skin tone. But I will definitely recommend this product to those who's always looking for affordable product to try with. Especially to those with much fairer skin than I do, I bet you will love how the blush will work on you!:) Of course the bronzer too!:)

Have you tried this product? If not, will you give it a shot?:)

Thanks for reading!:) Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day #15/30 Makeup Challenge: Do you wear blush?

 Wow! I'm halfway done with the challenge!:) Time really flies when you're having fun, isn't it? So today, the question is if I do wear blush! O fcourse!:) Sometimes, I just put on baby powder, lipstick and a blush and I'm ready to go! Here are some of my pictures of me wearing some blush!:) All are from my Facebook account!:)
I super miss having full bangs!:) (Na ako ang gumupit! HAHA!)

Fierce! LOL

So that's it for today's challenge!:) If you wanna know my 10 Favorite Makeup Gurus! Please read my Day 14 Makeup Challenge!:)

Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day #14/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Youtube guru(s)?

Not in particular order!:) Starting up with fellow Pinay Makeup Gurus...
(I mean fellow Pinay only ha? not fellow makeup gurus.. LOL just making clear:p)

Judy of ItsJudyTime!:) I super love her tutorials especially her first impression videos!:) She's really sweet in real life and gorgeous! So happy to finally meet her during her Meet and Greet here in Manila early this year. I really got excited and kilig whenever she replies to my tweet! Fan girl!:)
To watch Judy's tutorials, first impressions, hauls and many other beauty related stuffs, visit her YT beauty channel.
To know more about Judy's Life, visit her daily vlog channel.

I discovered Say's channel while I was browsing about Judy's first meet and greet here in Manila. Then, after that, I just saw myself watching her tutorials!:) Already met Say during the meet and greet of Judy. She's super pretty and nice and machika like me!:) Say, is definitely one of the most famous Filipina YT guru here in the country and I'm sure even worldwide! To watch Say's tutorials and other beauty related stuffs plus her Day in a life of Say vlogz, click here.

I just discovered Emafe's channel recently and the moment I sarted playing her video! I super duper love her already! I don't know but I just love how she does her videos, how natural she is on cam!:) Plus the fact that she's good on makeup! Oh.. she's super nice and friendly! As in! Super! Hope to meet her soon!:) To watch Emafe's tutorials, visit her YT beauty channel.
Good news is she just made a new channel exclusively for us, Pinays!:) I enjoyed watching her tagalog channel videos so much! I'm sure you will too!:)

Why I love Teena? I super duper love her bubbly and witty personality and yes, she's really good on makeup! Believe me, you will enjoy how she talks on cam! So kulit and fun to watch!:) I wish she uploads more videos soon!:) To watch Teena's videos and vlogs, visit her YT channel. Oh btw, I've seen her during Judy's meet and greet and I tell you, she's soooooo pretty!!

Miss Cory Potts, Sab or Sabrina!:) I love her because of her simple makeup tutorials!:) Super easy to follow especially for starters like me. Seen her also during Judy's meet and greet. She's much prettier in person! Promise!! To watch her tutorials and beauty related videos, visit her YT channel, now.

I just discovered Noe few months back and I really enjoyed watching her videos. She's really good! Really!:) To watch her tutorials, please visit her YT channel!:)

I don't know what to say why I love Pixiwoo sisters!!:) Their tutorials are awesome, great, and fab! No words can describe how I love their works, plus the way they speak! I loooooove it! Please visit their YT channels, here and here. for you to know why I love them super!:)

Makeup Geek TV is one of the few channels I really watched on YT the time I started loving makeup! I love how she teach about beauty. I love how she share some tips to be healthier and her journey on loosing weight and her own makeup line. Please visit her YT channel and be inspired!:)

Beauty Broadcast is my first beauty channel I've watched on YT! Promise!:) I love how she does her makeup! I love her hauls, her yearly Emily Awards!:) Actually I've learned a lot from her!:) Visit her YT channel  to watch her beauty related videos. 

Michelle Phan, I used to watch her videos the time she was still starting on YT. I love her DIY tutorials, makeup tutorials, and her short films! Happy seeing her super famous now! Visit her YT channel!:)

There you go, my 10 favorite YouTube gurus!:)
Mind sharing your personal picks too?
Would love to know!:)

Today has been a super tiring day. But I really did enjoy doing this post!:)
Good night and have a sweetest dream ever!
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Let's help Judy of Itsjudytime win for charity and get a chance to win awesome goodies!

Judy has been selected to participate in a competition called "Because I'm Worth It" hosted by L'Oreal Paris and W magazine to do a  "Rebel" inspired makeup look. Whoever gets the most number of votes, wins! A 1000USD will go straight to the winners chosen charity! The exciting part of this contest is, people who cast their votes will get a chance to win fab goodies from L'Oreal Paris and W Magazine!:) Double purpose,a chance to win goodies and help Judy win for her chosen charity, Invest in Youth A YMCA initiative!:) To cast your votes please visit this link:

Share this to your relatives and friends!:)

Have a great day ahead!:)

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Day #13/30 Makeup Challenge: Where do you keep your makeup?

Here.. Placed near a full body mirror! HAHA!!
No reviews for tonight, sorry. I'm super kaduper exhausted today.
Goodnight everyone!:)

Love Lots,

Day #12/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite mascara?

This is my current favorite mascara!:) I won't be talking about it for now. Review will be up anytime this week!:) 

How about you, what's your favorite mascara?:)

It's Monday once again!:) Have a great and fab week ahead!:)
Stay safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

 Ola!:) I'm so happy seeing myslef working on my "To Blog List". Yay!! I already crossed out one item, still a long way to go, I know! One at a time as what some people says. HAHA! Anyhoo, tonight I will be doing a review of the only Coral shade on my lipstick collection! Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral!:) 
Revlon Lustruous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral is a orangey red color. It has a creamy formula wherein I can say that it is really moisturizing!:) Applying this lipstick is close to perfection! It really glides on smoothly on the lips and will leave a semi glossy effect. (Which I love! I don't like super glossy type lipstick!:|) What I actually love about this lipstick is it is super long lasting! Even though it is a long lasting lipstick, I did not feel my lips being dried while wearing this! The lasting power is just awesome! I tell you!:) I wore it today to test, and I am really amazed how it stayed on my lips after eating lunch! Of course, it fades a little but for me, I don't need to retouch it cause it looks just so fine!:) You can actually wear this lipstick for 6 hours or more.  Even if the lipstick fades already, it still has the hint of it's color stained on the lips!:) Cool right?

  Packaging wise, of course I love how they conceptualize the tube with a clear plastic on top. Consumers would already know what the color really looks like especially if there's no tester to try out! Right?

The color is gorgeous! It's not too neon orange nor too carrot like orange. It's just perfect! I don't really wear this kind of lip color more often. I feel like the color does not match my skin tone. Or I'm still not used to it. But I would definitely wear this kind of color during summer where in vibrant and fun colors is always a trend!:) I will be updating this post with some pictures of me wearing this shade!:) For now, this swatch is all I can show you!:)

What do you think of this lip color? Would you wear it? I think coral shades are famous now a days.. hehe..

That's it for now, I will be back later tonight for my Day 12 makeup challenge!:) So check back if you want to know my favorite Mascara!:)

Love Lots,

REVIEW: Models Own Powder Blush in Cheeky PInk

 Finally! I'm now doing one of the items on my "To Blog List" haha! Anyhoo, here's what I have to say about Models Own Powder Blush in Cheeky Pink. Oh! I got this from Make Up Hub By Naturele Collezione on sale!:) I think the original price is 350, got it at 300Php. :) If you want to check my haul post about this and some other items, please click here. Ok, enough with the kwentos, here's my review:

Models Own is a UK cosmetic brand which is now popular in the country especially online!:) Cheeky Pink is a nice barbie pink color with a bit of shimmer. I know there are lots of girls who doesn't want their blush to be shimmery, just like me. But no need to worry about it, the shimmer is not that obvious. Promise!:) What I really love about this product is the packaging. It reminds of one of my The Body Shop blush. Same packaging! The packaging is made of thick plastic which is really sleek and sturdy! I really like how simple the packaging is but it's girly! The color is very pigmented, you just need to take note that after getting a product from the pan, tap it. You will surely get a lot of the product than what you need!:) If you want some pinky cheeks on a not so ordinary day. This would be great! The fact that it only cost 300-350PHP! Not bad at all!:) Lasting power? Based on my experience, it fades a little after 3-4 hours. When it's really hot, after 2 hours it fades. I guess it depends on the weather and skin type. I have an oily combination skin. But it works good on me.  

Overall, the product is good. It really gives a pink touch on the cheeks!:) I can recommend this product to those girls who are into pink cheeks and does not mind retouching after 3 or 4 hours, this is perfect for you!:)

Btw, here's a picture of me wearing this blush!:)
HAHA!! I forgot to apply some lipstick!:p
Now ko lang na-notice! Kalurks!

What do you think of this blush? Will you give it a try?

It's already 1:27am on my clock! I want to do another product review but my eyes are now giving up! Hehe.. I'll do it tomorrow!(I mean later!:p)
It's Sunday already!:) Don't forget to go to chruch!
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Day #11/30 Makeup Challenge: Do you like wearing bronzer?

Do I love wearing bronzer? Oh definitely, YES!:) I've been loving bronzer since college! I remember I used to buy some loose bronzer at Mom and Me/Mom and I kiosk at SM. Do you know that store? I also love Ever Bilena Blush in Earth! Been my favorite for years!:) Anyways, I use bronzer to contour my face!:) Since I'm on the heavy side and has a round face, contouring has been part of my makeup routine ever since!:) That's why I never ran out of bronzer! HAHA!! Here's a picture of my bronzers.

The 2 from the left side are both from Wet n' Wild while the other 2 on the right side are Revlon Beyond Natural and e.l.f, both are blush and bronzer duo!:) 

Do you also love wearing bronzer? What's your favorite?:)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!:) Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day #10/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite makeup brush?

Wow! I can't believe it! I'm already on my 10th Day of this makeup challenge!:) Anyways, Here's the photo of my favorite makeup brushes!:) These are my favorites because I only have 1 set of makeup brushes! HAHA! (May choice pa ba ako? LOL) which is generic by the way. Not branded!:) These are my top 5 makeup brushes. Brushes where in I always reach out every time I put on my makeup!:)
Angled Brush: I always contour my face! So this brush is the most abused brush among the rest! HAHAHA!!
Angled Eyebrow Brush: I never leave the house without doing my brows! HAHA!! I don't have an even eyebrows that's why! But I think a  defined brows really gives an extra lift to the look! Whether simple look or not!:) What do you think?
Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is my ever reliable brush whenever I want to put and blend e/s on the outer corner of my eyes!:)
Crease Brush: I use this to define my crease and the outer corner of my eyes especially If I want some smokey look!:)
The IDK brush: I use this on highlighting my brow bone.

If you noticed, I did not include any foundation or concealer brush! Because I use my bare hands blending it!:)

PS. Do you know what's the name of the bottom brush in the picture? Let me know! HAHA!:p

So that's it!:) You? What's your fave makeup brush/es?

It's Friday again! Time really flies when you're having fun!:) Yes?
Enjoy your weekend! Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

REVIEW: Wet n' Wild Wild Shine Nail Color "Blue Moon"

This nail polish has been sitting on my nail polish box for months now. I was supposed to do a review of this around May, but unfortunately my memory card got corrupted so all photos are all deleted!:( Anyways, here's what I have to say about this product!:)

Blue Moon is a midnight blue color with bits of gold/silver (I really can't distinguish!:p) shimmer on it. And yes, it's really shiny and comes with a really creamy formula!:)  I love how dark it is yet you can still see the blue color of it and not even close to color black!:) I guess it needs 2 coats to get an opaque result. I did not experience any trouble while applying this nail polish. It is easy to apply and glides very smoothly on my nails! What I also love about this product is it dries quickly! Well, not that too quick like seconds ha? HAHA!! Maybe around a minute or two is enough and you're ready to go. Lasting power? Based on my experience, this polish lasted for 3 days until I see some chipping on the tip of my nails. I always do household chores maybe that's one of the factor why this product last for 3 days only. But I think if you have a princess-like life, this would definitely last for 5-7 days, I guess!:)

The only downside I noticed about this product is the brush! Though this thing don't bother me much, but I think application would tricky for some!:) Oh, the smell too! Super strong smell. Just like other nail polish so this is not a big issue, I can tolerate it.

This color would be great for winter or fall!:) But since we only have 2 seasons here in the Philippines, I would love to wear this during rainy season or during the "ber" months!:) But yeah, you can definitely wear this anytime of the year!:)

Have you tried Wet n' Wild Blue Moon too? Share with me your experience!:) Any local dupes you wanna share too? Please let me know!:)

I think a heavy rain is about to pour anytime today! Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day #9/30 Makeup Challenge: Picture of your makeup collection.

FYI: I don't have a big collection of makeup! Since it's part of the makeup challenge, I'm showing you my humble collection!:) I don't have much as what makeup lovers out there has! HAHA!:)
Anyhoo, here are the photos!:)
 Eyeshadow palettes!:)
The 2 palettes on top and the Shadow stylist are given by a friend.
L-R: From Judy's Giveaway Beauty Loot Bag click here for Judy's M&G experience!:), From Mellow 947 Girl Talk Giveaway, Part of the beauty loot I won from Wet n' Wild Philippines FB Contest. The 2 on the right are also given by a friend!:)


Kahit durog durog na I still keep it! Fave ko kase! HAHA!!

Eye Pencils, Eyeliners, Mascaras

Lipsticks, lip paints, lip glosses, lip pencils


That's all I have!:) I did not include some I don't use anymore!:) I think I need to throw them away!:p
I would love to see your makeup collections too!:) I'm sure you've got lots than I do!:)

Love Lots,