Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day #11/30 Makeup Challenge: Do you like wearing bronzer?

Do I love wearing bronzer? Oh definitely, YES!:) I've been loving bronzer since college! I remember I used to buy some loose bronzer at Mom and Me/Mom and I kiosk at SM. Do you know that store? I also love Ever Bilena Blush in Earth! Been my favorite for years!:) Anyways, I use bronzer to contour my face!:) Since I'm on the heavy side and has a round face, contouring has been part of my makeup routine ever since!:) That's why I never ran out of bronzer! HAHA!! Here's a picture of my bronzers.

The 2 from the left side are both from Wet n' Wild while the other 2 on the right side are Revlon Beyond Natural and e.l.f, both are blush and bronzer duo!:) 

Do you also love wearing bronzer? What's your favorite?:)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!:) Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

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  1. My face is more angular, so I don't wear bronzer much but it depends on my makeup on the day. My favorite is by Benefit called Hoola which is matte and looks like a natural contour :)


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