Wednesday, October 31, 2012

REVIEW: Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract

I actually bought this product because I ran out of toner and this is the only one available at a sari sari store near our house. But after consuming the smallest bottle, I repurchased it again.. now the biggest one! I just love it! Isn't it nice that the product you just use as a sub for another product happens to be your soon to be favorite?:) Anyhoo, it took me a month of continuous use for me to do this review. So here's what I have to say about this product.

This toner really does it's job! It really controls oil on my face especially on on the T-zone of my face. It removes excess dirt on my face too. What I really love about this toner is it brightens my face. I noticed that their is a certain glow on my face especially on my cheeks!:) I feel and look  so fresh!:) I also like the cooling and tingling effect it does on my skin after application. This really makes me feel more refreshed and clean! The scent is kinda strong though it's tolerable.

-Affordable at 67PhP (225ml/ 7.6 fl. oz.)
-Easily available even at the convinience store found around the neighborhood
-Brightens skin and controls oil build up on face
-It really removes dirt, excess oil and makeup residue

-Strong scent
(This might be issue to some, but I don't mind smelling it for a few minutes:p)

Have you tried Eskinol too? Mind sharing your thoughts about it?

Finally, October is about to end in a few hours! Enjoy your vacation!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All About Nails: Polka Dots NOTD

I finally got the chance to use my new dotting tool!:) I decided to use a neutral base color and a white polka dots for a more simple and clean look. I'm planning of doing a Cath Kidston inspired nail art soon!:) Wish me luck!:)

OMG Nail Color in Sunny Tan (Base Color)
Sweet Cherry in Snow White (Polka Dots)
OMG Dotting Tool

That's it for tonight!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,


I know this is super late! Better late than never. Yes? So.. Ms. Shen of Shen's Addiction is hosting a fabulous giveaway. I know a lot of you already joined, but to those who haven't entered yet, you still have tomorrow, October 30 to submit all your entries. I learned a lot from her blog, I'm sure you too!:) Let's show her our love and support by joining or sending our congratulatory message!:)

Please click here to join the giveaway!:)

Love Lots,

Monday, October 29, 2012

REVIEW: My Savior!!! Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips received a lot of good reviews and raves! Now I am wondering why did I just let the months passed and never mind the raves without me getting this! Why my savior? I was out on a super hot day 3 weeks ago to do some errands and  meet a friend after. I suddenly noticed my lips is super dry and flaking! I'm really not comfortable seeing my lips looks like that. I don't wanna go back home just to get my lip balm! So I decided to swing over Mercury Drug store and saw this! Grabbed it, pay, opened then applied a generous amount on my lips! Oh baby, smells so delish!!:) It does takes off the flakes and moisturized my lips! Yey! After that day, this has been my best friend! I usually apply this after bath, and before sleeping!:)

What I love about this product:
-Super cute and girly packaging
-No more dry lips, moisturized my lips really well, makes my lips smooth
-Has SPF 20! Keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
-I super duper love the berry scent!
-Good results can be seen as early as 5days!:) Based on my experience. (Be sure to apply it regularly.)
-Affordable at 79PhP
-Available nationwide

I personally don't see anything to hate this product! I love it!:)

I'm sure a lot of you already tried this!:) What are your thoughts about it?

That's it for today. Goodnight everyone!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Day #23/30 Makeup Challenge:Favorite eye shadow palette and blush palette?

I don't have much eye shadow palettes if you don't know. So far, Nyx Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit is my favorite eye shadow palette. I love neutral colors!:) With regards to blush palette, I don't own any. :)

PS. I will finish this Makeup Challenge within this week. Expect several posts of this challenge within a day!:)

You, what's your favorite eye shadow and blush palette? 
Keep Safe and God Bless

Love Lots,

Friday, October 26, 2012

All About Nails: HAUL (OMG, Sassy, Caress, Dotting Tool)

This is supposed to be included with my Myra E mini haul but I decided to separate both. O oh yeah.. another nail colors.. again! I got 2 nail polish from my Thursday haul which I have not tried using yet because I'm always doing laundries.. plus I'm too lazy to paint my nails.. LOL! There's a story beyond one of these nail colors. The sassy one is called Black Magic. But I tell you, this is not a black one. This is a super dark redish, violet-ish, maroon-ish color. The reason why I got this one because I'm on search of the nail color Maja Salvador is wearing on her nails the 2nd week of Ina Anak Kapatid. Yes! I do watch teleserye!:)

Sassy Colors in Black Magic: 21.95PhP
OMG Nail Colors in Purple Passion, Sunny Tan and First Date: 18.00PhP each
Caress Nail Polish in Flamming: 23.75PhP
OMG Dotting Tool: 55.00PhP

Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Makeup Collaboration

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In lieu of the said campaign some of my fellow beauty bloggers: Iya of From Nails to Makeup, Janet of Journey on Beauty and Nonsense Stuff, Joyce of CandyLoveArt, and Michelle of Micmic's Corner collaborated to do a makeup look with a touch of pink, to show our support.

Without further ado here's my simple makeup look..

Pink eyelid, pink cheeks and pink lips

NYX Lip Liner in Fuchsia and Ever (Yes! Lip liner!:p)
Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palette in Petal Pusher
NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
NYX False Eyelashes
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Ardell Brow Defining Powder
FACE:Myra E VitaWhite Face Lotion (moisturizer)
San San Liquid Foundation
4u2 Dream Girl BB Powder
ELF Blush and Contouring Powder (used the bronzer only)
Models Own Blusher in Cheeky Pink
NYX Mosaic Powder in Plummy (used a highlighter)
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
NYX Lip Liner in Fuchsia
Miners Matte Factor Lip Paint in Hot Pink

Prevention is better than cure! Lets's fight breast cancer!! Make it a habit to do self breast examination once a month. 
If you feel something unusual or see any changes, please don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

Breast self-examination should be done once a month so you become familiar with the usual appearance and feel of your breasts. Familiarity makes it easier to notice any changes in the breast from one month to another. Early discovery of a change from what is "normal" is the main idea behind BSE. The outlook is much better if you detect cancer in an early stage.
If you menstruate, the best time to do BSE is 2 or 3 days after your period ends, when your breasts are least likely to be tender or swollen. If you no longer menstruate, pick a day such as the first day of the month, to remind yourself it is time to do BSE.

Let's all be aware, read and share what you know about Breast Cancer!

Please do check my collaborators blog site to see their fab makeup look , you might want to follow their blogs too!:)

Breast Cancer Awareness should not stop after October, it must be all year round! Yes?

That's all for today.
Have a fab weekend everyone!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pine Mountain Tours Presents: BAGUIO HAUNTED TOUR

Are you the type of person who loves thrills and spooky things? Do you have any ideas how to spend your Halloween the extra ordinary way? Why try to go on a haunted tour at the Summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio! Bring your friends with you and get ready for some extreme spooky experience!

Pine-Mountain Tours
PRESENTS: "The Baguio Haunted Tour"
Slots are still AVAILABLE this weekend open to all for only,
Php. 1,500.00 per head
Inclusions are as follows:
* Tour Transportation good for 6 hours of tour all around the haunted pla
ces in Baguio.
* Baguio Haunted Tour
* Inclusive of Tour Guides and Spirit Questors.
* Driver during the tour.
* Inclusive of entrance fees if any and environmental fees.
* Inclusive of a night bonfire and paranormal consultation after the tour.

Please check us out at our website for more details,
Contact us at our email: OR
GLOBE: (+63)9273515885; SMART: (+63)9496164808; SUN: (+63)9234268591



Love Lots,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mini Haul: Myra E Vita White

Yesterday, I went to Watsons Isetann Recto to buy some toiletries and my favorite moisturizer:) I've been a user of this moisturizer for more than a year now. Good timing!!:)  This is on sale!:) Yes sale!! Who wouldn't love sale, right? Not just 10% or 20% off!! I got all this at 50% off the regular price!!! Awesome right?:) The moisturizer I got are the  last 2 stocks left on the shelf! Lucky eh? hehe.. I was supposed to get 3 since it was on sale, but 2 is enough until Christmas!:) A 50ml tube bottle can lasts one and a half month, I guess. Of course before getting this, I checked the expiration date, it will expire on March 2015!:) First time to use Myra E Vita White lotion, I'm an avid user of their original scent if you don't know! I've been coming back to that lotion once in a while since 2007! Still the best for me!!:)
Myra E Vita White Face Lotion- 52PhP (Original price of 102PhP )
Myra E Vita White Hand and Body Lotion 51PhP (Original price of 102PhP)

I think my favorite skin care products deserves a good review, what yah think? haha!!

You, what's your favorite face moisturizer and body lotion? Mind sharing?:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day #22/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite toner?

OMG!! I totally forgot about this makeup challenge!! Booo me!!:( For the continuation of this challenge, day 22 is asking for my favorite toner. Honestly, I don't have any favorite. I frequent change from one toner to another as long as it's oil control. I'm not really picky on toners. I used toners after a bath before putting on some moisturizer. As of the moment I'm using Eskinol Oil Control Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract. Before this, I used Belo Essentials Whitening Toner for Oily skin. :) I used toner twice a day. After bath and before bed time!:)

Can you recommend a good toner for oily skin that can possibly be my favorite toner in the future? Let me know!:)

How's your weekend? Hope you had a blast!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Saturday, October 20, 2012


MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder is a true black color. What I mean is the blackest black. MAC Eyekohl looks like an ordinary eye pencil. Nothing fancy or extra ordinary about the look. What's nice about this product it is super pigmented! SUPER! Emphasizing the word "super" here. Hehe.. It is creamy too and I did not experience any trouble upon application, it really glides on smoothly!:)
 If you will ask me if this product is really worth every penny, here's what I have observed upon using this product. I tried this product several times already and I'm really upset about it. If you're the type of person like me who unconsciously rub my eyes, this is totally not for you. If you love lining your waterline, definitely this is not the right product for you. This eye kohl really smudges alot easily. It disappears on the waterline, so say hello to a "panda" look! I test drive this product again today. Used it as an eyeliner for almost 5 hours now, there is a little transfer on my crease but not noticeable. (Take note that I have oily lids) The color fades a little. No need for a retouch. Promise!:)  (Take note that I did not rub or touch my eyes within that time frame! haha!!:p) So I guess this is quite good for lining the eyes. Plus the fact that you can use it for a smokey eye look. (Line your eyes and smudge the product for a smokey effect.)
 So here's the swatch!:)

 Smudge test a minute after swatching.

Water test. Just the same after placing it under the running water. Then after rubbing it, it smudge.

I did not bought this product, but if you'll ask me if I will buy it again.. my answer is NO. Would I recommend it, No for super oily lids, watery and sensitive eyes, for those who unconsciously rub their eyes. YES to those who love doing smokey eyes. 
At the end of the day, you still have to decide. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

NOTE: This review is based on my pure and honest opinion. Always remember that what did not work for me might work for you and what works for me might not work for you.

Love Lots,

Leopard Print Flats: Primaluxe Darby Slippers

Yey!! Finally.. New flats!:) This is my first ever leopard print flats! Super comfy shoes!!:) Perfect for walking!:)  Got this at Tigerlilies, if you want to order a pair or more just visit their FB page. This also comes in Blue, Black, Red and Beige color. I want to get the blue, red and beige too!:) Actually all! HAHA!! If only budget permits! LOL The stud is already silver, the one posted on their page has the gold studs but all incoming stocks already comes with a silver studs. (That's what Ms. Eunice, the owner told me.)

Note: This is not sponsored. I bought it with my own money.

Have you tried this comfy flats too? 

Love Lots,

Friday, October 19, 2012

REVIEW: ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

Elf Eyebrow kit is my first eyebrow kit I've ever tried. I seldom do my brows before, not until this product landed my makeup kit!:)
So here's what I have to say about this eyebrow kit. I've been using this since July, and after my first try.. I never leave the house without me doing my brows!:) HAHA! I just love how a groomed and filled eyebrows changes everything! I know I'm too over reacting.. but why did I just discover the magic of it so late! LOL! (If you have seen my previous posts prior to July, my brows sucks! haha!!:p)  
This photo is taken last August, as of the moment I already hit the pan of the wax and consumed around 40% of the powder. 
Anyhoo, Elf Eyebrow Kit comes with a wax and powder form. In terms of packaging, it's simple yet looks so classy because of it's black color and comes in a flip cover container. What I love about it is it comes with a mirror inside! (If you don't know, I love products that comes with a mirror.) It's perfect for people who are always on the go! Plus the fact that it is so handy!:) The kit also comes with a double sided brush (slanted and fluffy) perfect for travels!:) I don't really use the brush that often cause I'm not really good on  using small brushes.. haha! But I tell you, this brush is not useless just like other brush that comes with some other products. The slanted brush can be used to define the shape of your brows and filling your brows too using the wax while the fluffy side can be used to set the wax using the powder. So back to the product, I really love how the wax part defines the arch and outer part of my brows. I use the powder to fill in my brows and somehow blended it with the wax.  I also use this to contour my nose!:) I know you'll ask if it smudge, well.. it's not! I also noticed that the wax is not even greasy at all! But I suggest to always set the wax with the powder to have a much better result!:) Regarding its lasting power, it really lasts all day. Though minimal fading of color can be seen half of the day but I don't think retouch is super needed. Not unless you are a retouch freak! LOL!:p I also noticed that the wax always hits the pan first, while the powder has a lot of product still left. Well.. lately, I've been using just the powder one for a light color. I sometimes wet the brush I'm using to get a more  opaque color. 
Overall, I'm happy to have this product!:) Knowing that this only costs 249PhP!!:) This product can lasts for months! I have this for 3 months already! Probably would last for 5 months or more especially the powder one!:) Would I purchase it again? Definitely YES!:) Would I recommend this product? A double YES!:) 

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know!:)
If you haven't tried it yet, would you give it a try?

It's Friday again! Have a fab weekend everyone!:)
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

PS. I haven't tried my Ardell Brow Defining Powder yet! Will use it this Sunday and probably after a week I can do a review already!:) Hang on ladies!:)

Love Lots,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

300K Hits Giveaway of

My fellow blogger, Janet already reached 300K hits!:) She's hosting a giveaway to return back the favor to all her avid subscribers slash readers!:) Visit her blog, I'm sure you'll find it interesting too!:) To direct you to her giveaway post, click here. Fab prizes awaits you!!:) Good luck ladies!:)

Love Lots,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink Mommy 50 Subscribers Giveaway

PinkMommy is hosting a giveaway!:) Please visit her link to enter!:) 
I just did!:) Let's try our luck!:)

Good luck!:)

Love Lots,

REVIEW: Beauty UK Baked Blush in Baked Peach

Finally!! A review for my first ever Baked blush! It's from Beauty UK in the shade of Baked Peach. I got this blush from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione around July. Anyhoo, let's get the review started!:)

Beauty UK Baked Peach is a warm pink with a little of brownish pink undertone. What I really like about this blush is it's matte! Yey! I'm not really a fan of shimmery blush so this is a plus factor for me. As you can see, it's looks like a bronzer on the pan but when applied, you will see that it's really peach. What I love about this blush is it gives a nice glow on the cheeks!:) This blush is not so pigmented though it is buildable!:) The blush can lasts up to 4 hours. Not bad for a price of not more than 300PhP (Can't remember the exact price.. sorry!:p) Plus the fact that the pan holds a lot of product too!:) 
The packaging has a domed shape product on the pan that comes with  black and a transparent cover. Too bad the transparent cover was detached after my kikay kit with the blush on it  was dropped. :(

The only downside of this product is it's too powdery everytime you swipe your brush on the pan. Plus the not so sturdy packaging too! 

Oh.. the blush also comes with a small retractable brush that is attached underneath. The brush is nowhere to be found now. HAHA! It has no use so it doesn't matter. LOL:p 

Here's a swatch!:)

Overall, I like this product!:) I really like how it gives glow to my cheeks!:) I would definitely recommend this blush to those who also loves a blush that gives glow to cheeks and those who love peachy colors!:)

Have you tried this baked blush too? What are your thoughts about it?
If you haven't tried this yet, would you give it a try?

Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day #21/30 Makeup Challenge: Where do you buy your makeup at?

I usually buy my makeup at SM Department Stores. I also buy some stuffs online at Multiply, Facebook Shops and Ebay. If you wanna check the stores I purchased some goodies, here are the links.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to advertise these shops. 

Watsons can be found at any SM Malls nationwide!:)

Some online stores I tried before are no longer active!:( Anyhoo, I tried ordering to one online shop, but I did not post it. The online stores I shared are the best online stores ever! Hassle free, super accommodating and answers all your queries!:)

I have seen a lot of Makeup stores online, but I haven't experience getting items from them yet. How about you, can you recommend great shops with fab items with reasonable prices? I would love to check them out!:)

So this would be my last entry for the day!:)
Have a great week end everyone!:)
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Day #20/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Eye Shadow Primer

Another quick post for my Day 20 Makeup Challenge!:)
Whenever I need to make my eye shadow lasts, putting a primer is a must! What I use is ELF Eyelid Primer. I cannot really say that this primer is my favorite since I only have one eyelid primer! HAHA! Looser much? 
Anyhoo, I'm not really into putting eye shadow every time I go out. So I seldom use eyelid primer. Hehe..
How about you? What's your favorite eye shadow primer? 

So that's it for my Day 20 Makeup Challenge!:) Day 21 will be up any minute from now. Have a fab Friday night everyone! Or should I say have a great sleep? Hehe.. 
If you wanna check my Day 19 entry, click here!:)

Love Lots,

Friday, October 12, 2012

How I pamper my hands and nails!:)

I planned to change my nail polish last night but decided to skip it and let my nails breathe and nail polish free for a few days. Plus the fact that I will be doing some laundry this weekend. So I just decided to pamper my hands and give my nails some treat, to remove my unwanted cuticles! LOL! So here, I just want to share with you all how I do it!:)

Products used:

-Caronia Revitalizing Soak & Wash
-Caronia Renewing Scrub
-Bobbie Cuticle Oil with Avocado extract, Almond Oil and Vitamin E
-Cuticle Remover
-Nail Pusher
-Nail Brush
-Clean cloth (not seen on the picture)
-Lotion (not seen on the picture)

How to do it?

1. First, put your desired amount of the soak and wash liquid into a basin half filled with warm water, soak your hands for 15-20 minutes.
2. Rinse your hand with warm water, then pat it dry with a clean cloth.
3. Once dried, get your desired amount of scrub and lather it on your hands, in between your fingers and massage it on each fingers and around the nails.
4. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with warm water then pat it dry with a clean cloth.
5. Once your hands are already dry, drop a generous amount of cuticle oil on the mid portion of cuticle and let it soak for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rub the oil around the nails and massage each fingers.
6. Wipe your hands with a clean cloth and spray adequate amount of cuticle remover solution on your nails.
7. Clean your nails using the nail pusher gently. Then brush it.
8. After brushing, spray some cuticle remover solutioon then remove the unwanted cuticles around your nails using your nipper. (Be careful, if you don't know how to use a niper, I suggest you skip it and let professionals do the job for you.) Then spray generous amount of cuticle remover solution then brush your nails gently.
9. Pat dry, then drop adequate amount of cuticle oil on the mid portion of the cuticle each nails, then rub it again for better absorption.
10. Get your favorite lotion and lather it gently on your hands and in between fingers. Then you're done!:)

OPTIONAL: Put your desired nail color, and you're ready to go!:)

PS. Trim your nails once needed. Use nail file to soften the harsh edges. 

So, that's how I pamper my hands and nails!:) How about you? Mind sharing?

Love Lots,

Thursday Haul!

Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy some stuffs!:) Milk bath, baby oil, Pond's cream, deodorant and the BB powder from 4U2 are only the things I need to get cause I ran out of it already! The rest are not on my list! HAHA!! Here's my mini shopping haul!:)
1. Marionnaud N38 Slanted Eyeliner and Eyebrow Double Side Brush- NOT ON MY LIST. I decided to get a new one cause the one I'm using needs to take a rest already. LOL!:p 59. 75PhP
2. 4U2 Dream Girl BB Powder (Shade: 02)- ON MY LIST. This is already my 2nd pan!:) It's already back on stock! Yeheey!!:) 194.00PhP
3. "My Nails" nail polish remover with acetone and Aloe Vera- NOT ON MY LIST. I need a back up!:) 18.00PhP
4. Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Taupe- NOT ON MY LIST. I want to try another brow powder. Hehe.. Reasons!:p 460.00PhP
5. Nivea Extra Whitening Deodorant- ON MY LIST. No need to explain. HAHA!:p 92.00PhP
6. J&J Baby Oil with Aloe Vera and Vit. E.- ON MY LIST. I use baby oil to remove my face makeup. I sometimes use it at night after washing my face!:) It's a good moisturizer!:) 35.00PhP
7. J&J Milk Bath RefilON MY LIST. Without this, my bath routine will always be incomplete!:) 61.00PhP
8. Caress Regular Nail Polish in Gray Stone- NOT ON MY LIST. I saw this on Micmic's post, a fellow beauty blogger. I wanna try!:) 23.75PhP
9. Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat- NOT ON MY LIST. My top coat, dries a little longer. I need one that dries so quick! LOL! Yeah reasons again!:p 44.25PhP
10. Caress Regular Nail Polish in Attraction- NOT ON MY LIST. This past few weeks, neutrals are my fave when it comes to nails!:) This is one good neutral color!! Promise!:) 23.75PhP
11. Pond's Pinkish Glow CreamON MY LIST. This is not for my mom!:) I got 3. 22.75PhP each.

All from SM Manila Department Store.

So, that's it for now. I will be back for my day 20 and 21 Makeup Challenge before the night ends!:)

Love Lots,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day #19/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite concealer?

This will be super short post.. HAHA! I don't really wear concealer much. What I normally use to conceal dark areas on my face is the ELF All Over Cover Stick in Honey. I'm planning to try out some concealer since I'm about to consume the tube I'm currently using.

Photo credits to
Super panget na ng saken.. Di na makatarungan i-post! HAHA!!:p

Can you recommend a good concealer? (The cheap ones ha? HAHA! I'm currently saving for now. LOL) I'm planning to get the 4U2 Dream Girl Twilight Concealer, what do you think?

Haaay.. It's been a long day!! Dead tired! Glad to be posting again, despite the busy scheds!:)

Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day #18/30 Makeup Challenge: What’s your favorite night time look?

Glad to be back!:)
Here's my Day 18 Makeup Challenge, for my comeback post! haha!

This is what I usually wear for a night look. More on lining my eyes black, and a bold lips!:)

I'll try to make it up to y'all!:) I'm currently working on some product reviews. Check back once in a while, or subscribe via e-mail to get notified!:) 

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!:) 
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sigma Beauty Travel Brush Kit Giveaway!!!

Trying my luck!:) If you want to join, please visit Dream Makeup for more details!:)
With the right tools you get the best results!♥♥♥

Love Lots,

Follow me with Bloglovin'!:)

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Thanks in advance!:)

Makeup challenge will resume tonight!:)
Glad to be back!:)

Love Lots,