Monday, October 29, 2012

REVIEW: My Savior!!! Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips received a lot of good reviews and raves! Now I am wondering why did I just let the months passed and never mind the raves without me getting this! Why my savior? I was out on a super hot day 3 weeks ago to do some errands and  meet a friend after. I suddenly noticed my lips is super dry and flaking! I'm really not comfortable seeing my lips looks like that. I don't wanna go back home just to get my lip balm! So I decided to swing over Mercury Drug store and saw this! Grabbed it, pay, opened then applied a generous amount on my lips! Oh baby, smells so delish!!:) It does takes off the flakes and moisturized my lips! Yey! After that day, this has been my best friend! I usually apply this after bath, and before sleeping!:)

What I love about this product:
-Super cute and girly packaging
-No more dry lips, moisturized my lips really well, makes my lips smooth
-Has SPF 20! Keeps you protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
-I super duper love the berry scent!
-Good results can be seen as early as 5days!:) Based on my experience. (Be sure to apply it regularly.)
-Affordable at 79PhP
-Available nationwide

I personally don't see anything to hate this product! I love it!:)

I'm sure a lot of you already tried this!:) What are your thoughts about it?

That's it for today. Goodnight everyone!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,


  1. I agree. I super love this lip balm too <3

  2. hindi naman cya sticky sis? ma-try nga to since my lips tend to be chapped all the time. Thanks so much for sharing ^_~

    1. Not sticky sis! Super moisturizing.. Naglalagay ako before ako matulog, pag gising ko moisturized pa din lips ko.. Try mo na dali!:) xoxo

  3. Maybelline Babylips are the best! they're really moisturising :) thanks for the great review <3

  4. I've had the same lipbalm for months now and I've been neglecting it because of my Burts Bees lipbalm. Just last week, I tried it on and I love it! I'm inlove with the scent! Great product for an affordable prize <3


  5. I love this lip balm! I have this one in Glow and in Energizing Orange as well. I love collecting them since it's very affordable. I have them in my nightstand and I have one in my purse. It's very moisturizing and it's a very good lip primer for matte lipsticks. :)

    1. Yay!:) You have a lot ah! hehe.. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Yvette!:)


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