Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leopard Print Flats: Primaluxe Darby Slippers

Yey!! Finally.. New flats!:) This is my first ever leopard print flats! Super comfy shoes!!:) Perfect for walking!:)  Got this at Tigerlilies, if you want to order a pair or more just visit their FB page. This also comes in Blue, Black, Red and Beige color. I want to get the blue, red and beige too!:) Actually all! HAHA!! If only budget permits! LOL The stud is already silver, the one posted on their page has the gold studs but all incoming stocks already comes with a silver studs. (That's what Ms. Eunice, the owner told me.)

Note: This is not sponsored. I bought it with my own money.

Have you tried this comfy flats too? 

Love Lots,


  1. Their page can't be found :/ I badly want that pa nmn :(

    1. Sorry.. Edited the link already, Jan!:) You can order na. Hehehe...


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