Friday, October 19, 2012

REVIEW: ELF Eyebrow Kit in Medium

Elf Eyebrow kit is my first eyebrow kit I've ever tried. I seldom do my brows before, not until this product landed my makeup kit!:)
So here's what I have to say about this eyebrow kit. I've been using this since July, and after my first try.. I never leave the house without me doing my brows!:) HAHA! I just love how a groomed and filled eyebrows changes everything! I know I'm too over reacting.. but why did I just discover the magic of it so late! LOL! (If you have seen my previous posts prior to July, my brows sucks! haha!!:p)  
This photo is taken last August, as of the moment I already hit the pan of the wax and consumed around 40% of the powder. 
Anyhoo, Elf Eyebrow Kit comes with a wax and powder form. In terms of packaging, it's simple yet looks so classy because of it's black color and comes in a flip cover container. What I love about it is it comes with a mirror inside! (If you don't know, I love products that comes with a mirror.) It's perfect for people who are always on the go! Plus the fact that it is so handy!:) The kit also comes with a double sided brush (slanted and fluffy) perfect for travels!:) I don't really use the brush that often cause I'm not really good on  using small brushes.. haha! But I tell you, this brush is not useless just like other brush that comes with some other products. The slanted brush can be used to define the shape of your brows and filling your brows too using the wax while the fluffy side can be used to set the wax using the powder. So back to the product, I really love how the wax part defines the arch and outer part of my brows. I use the powder to fill in my brows and somehow blended it with the wax.  I also use this to contour my nose!:) I know you'll ask if it smudge, well.. it's not! I also noticed that the wax is not even greasy at all! But I suggest to always set the wax with the powder to have a much better result!:) Regarding its lasting power, it really lasts all day. Though minimal fading of color can be seen half of the day but I don't think retouch is super needed. Not unless you are a retouch freak! LOL!:p I also noticed that the wax always hits the pan first, while the powder has a lot of product still left. Well.. lately, I've been using just the powder one for a light color. I sometimes wet the brush I'm using to get a more  opaque color. 
Overall, I'm happy to have this product!:) Knowing that this only costs 249PhP!!:) This product can lasts for months! I have this for 3 months already! Probably would last for 5 months or more especially the powder one!:) Would I purchase it again? Definitely YES!:) Would I recommend this product? A double YES!:) 

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts about it? Let me know!:)
If you haven't tried it yet, would you give it a try?

It's Friday again! Have a fab weekend everyone!:)
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

PS. I haven't tried my Ardell Brow Defining Powder yet! Will use it this Sunday and probably after a week I can do a review already!:) Hang on ladies!:)

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  1. I have this pallet in the lightest color, and I absolutely LOVE it! Good price, too.

    1. Yay!! Since I'm a Filipina Medium and Dark shades are perfect for us!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  2. Great review! I've been planning to purchase this elf eyebrow kit..but i'm torn between this or if i'll get the IN2IT one...but will definitely buy this! thanks for the helpful review ;)



    1. Awww.. Thanks!:) Let me know your thoughts about it once you already have it ha? xoxo

  3. nice review sis! I have this too and I love it <3 will make a review soon as well <3

    1. Thanks sis!!:) Would love to know your thoughts about this product!:) Wait ko yan!:) xoxo

  4. I've tried just the powder brow kit by elf and wasn't too impressed, but I just bought the wax kit in Light, so I can't wait to get it in the mail and do my own blog review!



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