Friday, September 21, 2012

Day #10/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite makeup brush?

Wow! I can't believe it! I'm already on my 10th Day of this makeup challenge!:) Anyways, Here's the photo of my favorite makeup brushes!:) These are my favorites because I only have 1 set of makeup brushes! HAHA! (May choice pa ba ako? LOL) which is generic by the way. Not branded!:) These are my top 5 makeup brushes. Brushes where in I always reach out every time I put on my makeup!:)
Angled Brush: I always contour my face! So this brush is the most abused brush among the rest! HAHAHA!!
Angled Eyebrow Brush: I never leave the house without doing my brows! HAHA!! I don't have an even eyebrows that's why! But I think a  defined brows really gives an extra lift to the look! Whether simple look or not!:) What do you think?
Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is my ever reliable brush whenever I want to put and blend e/s on the outer corner of my eyes!:)
Crease Brush: I use this to define my crease and the outer corner of my eyes especially If I want some smokey look!:)
The IDK brush: I use this on highlighting my brow bone.

If you noticed, I did not include any foundation or concealer brush! Because I use my bare hands blending it!:)

PS. Do you know what's the name of the bottom brush in the picture? Let me know! HAHA!:p

So that's it!:) You? What's your fave makeup brush/es?

It's Friday again! Time really flies when you're having fun!:) Yes?
Enjoy your weekend! Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,


  1. The IDK brush is called a large shader brush but has a squared tip! The "angled eyeshadow" brush would be the smaller, but rounded version ;) The "crease" brush is correct by the way.

    You should get a blending brush for your smoky eyes, it really makes the big difference! And also try out a stippling brush for foundation, you will never use fingers ever again because it looks airbrushed :D Those are just the essentials that I recommend.

    1. Thanks Dawnelia for letting me know!:) I have a blending brush already! And yeah it really makes a big difference!:) Thanks for the recommendations!:) Will take note of that!:) Thanks for dropping over!:) XX


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