Friday, September 21, 2012

REVIEW: Wet n' Wild Wild Shine Nail Color "Blue Moon"

This nail polish has been sitting on my nail polish box for months now. I was supposed to do a review of this around May, but unfortunately my memory card got corrupted so all photos are all deleted!:( Anyways, here's what I have to say about this product!:)

Blue Moon is a midnight blue color with bits of gold/silver (I really can't distinguish!:p) shimmer on it. And yes, it's really shiny and comes with a really creamy formula!:)  I love how dark it is yet you can still see the blue color of it and not even close to color black!:) I guess it needs 2 coats to get an opaque result. I did not experience any trouble while applying this nail polish. It is easy to apply and glides very smoothly on my nails! What I also love about this product is it dries quickly! Well, not that too quick like seconds ha? HAHA!! Maybe around a minute or two is enough and you're ready to go. Lasting power? Based on my experience, this polish lasted for 3 days until I see some chipping on the tip of my nails. I always do household chores maybe that's one of the factor why this product last for 3 days only. But I think if you have a princess-like life, this would definitely last for 5-7 days, I guess!:)

The only downside I noticed about this product is the brush! Though this thing don't bother me much, but I think application would tricky for some!:) Oh, the smell too! Super strong smell. Just like other nail polish so this is not a big issue, I can tolerate it.

This color would be great for winter or fall!:) But since we only have 2 seasons here in the Philippines, I would love to wear this during rainy season or during the "ber" months!:) But yeah, you can definitely wear this anytime of the year!:)

Have you tried Wet n' Wild Blue Moon too? Share with me your experience!:) Any local dupes you wanna share too? Please let me know!:)

I think a heavy rain is about to pour anytime today! Keep safe and God Bless!:)

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  1. This colour is gorgeous! I'll wear it all year round if I could :D


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