Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day #14/30 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Youtube guru(s)?

Not in particular order!:) Starting up with fellow Pinay Makeup Gurus...
(I mean fellow Pinay only ha? not fellow makeup gurus.. LOL just making clear:p)

Judy of ItsJudyTime!:) I super love her tutorials especially her first impression videos!:) She's really sweet in real life and gorgeous! So happy to finally meet her during her Meet and Greet here in Manila early this year. I really got excited and kilig whenever she replies to my tweet! Fan girl!:)
To watch Judy's tutorials, first impressions, hauls and many other beauty related stuffs, visit her YT beauty channel.
To know more about Judy's Life, visit her daily vlog channel.

I discovered Say's channel while I was browsing about Judy's first meet and greet here in Manila. Then, after that, I just saw myself watching her tutorials!:) Already met Say during the meet and greet of Judy. She's super pretty and nice and machika like me!:) Say, is definitely one of the most famous Filipina YT guru here in the country and I'm sure even worldwide! To watch Say's tutorials and other beauty related stuffs plus her Day in a life of Say vlogz, click here.

I just discovered Emafe's channel recently and the moment I sarted playing her video! I super duper love her already! I don't know but I just love how she does her videos, how natural she is on cam!:) Plus the fact that she's good on makeup! Oh.. she's super nice and friendly! As in! Super! Hope to meet her soon!:) To watch Emafe's tutorials, visit her YT beauty channel.
Good news is she just made a new channel exclusively for us, Pinays!:) I enjoyed watching her tagalog channel videos so much! I'm sure you will too!:)

Why I love Teena? I super duper love her bubbly and witty personality and yes, she's really good on makeup! Believe me, you will enjoy how she talks on cam! So kulit and fun to watch!:) I wish she uploads more videos soon!:) To watch Teena's videos and vlogs, visit her YT channel. Oh btw, I've seen her during Judy's meet and greet and I tell you, she's soooooo pretty!!

Miss Cory Potts, Sab or Sabrina!:) I love her because of her simple makeup tutorials!:) Super easy to follow especially for starters like me. Seen her also during Judy's meet and greet. She's much prettier in person! Promise!! To watch her tutorials and beauty related videos, visit her YT channel, now.

I just discovered Noe few months back and I really enjoyed watching her videos. She's really good! Really!:) To watch her tutorials, please visit her YT channel!:)

I don't know what to say why I love Pixiwoo sisters!!:) Their tutorials are awesome, great, and fab! No words can describe how I love their works, plus the way they speak! I loooooove it! Please visit their YT channels, here and here. for you to know why I love them super!:)

Makeup Geek TV is one of the few channels I really watched on YT the time I started loving makeup! I love how she teach about beauty. I love how she share some tips to be healthier and her journey on loosing weight and her own makeup line. Please visit her YT channel and be inspired!:)

Beauty Broadcast is my first beauty channel I've watched on YT! Promise!:) I love how she does her makeup! I love her hauls, her yearly Emily Awards!:) Actually I've learned a lot from her!:) Visit her YT channel  to watch her beauty related videos. 

Michelle Phan, I used to watch her videos the time she was still starting on YT. I love her DIY tutorials, makeup tutorials, and her short films! Happy seeing her super famous now! Visit her YT channel!:)

There you go, my 10 favorite YouTube gurus!:)
Mind sharing your personal picks too?
Would love to know!:)

Today has been a super tiring day. But I really did enjoy doing this post!:)
Good night and have a sweetest dream ever!
Keep safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,


  1. Wow we almost have the same fave gurus! :)

    I just followed your blog! :) Im doing a lot of back reading and im enjoying it. Hope you could visit my blog too!:)

    Dainty MD

    1. Nice!:) Thanks for following and reading my blog sis!:) Just followed your blog too!:) Love your etude haul!:)

  2. Awww so touching naman to sis=) Thank you so much=)

    1. Hehehe!! Thanks for appreciating sis!:) XOXO

  3. Hi nice selections! There are lots of creative yt beauty gurus. its so hard to pick the best. But my no.1 fav. also is itsjudytime!! :)

    New follower here.. hope you check mine and follow back? thanks so much!


    1. Super duper hard!! HAHAHA!! Thanks much for following my blog!:) Followed your blog too!:)

  4. Wow I was suppose to do a post of my favorite utube gurus din!! hehehe....I love love Michelle Phan nun sina-unang video pa nya yun about Natural makeup subscriber na ako..She had come a long way talga noh..I just discover Judy's channel recently (slaps head* why just now) and i L-OV-E her much!! ^_~

    1. Excited to know your favorite YouTube gurus sis!:) So happy you finally discovered Judy!! It's not yet too late sis, don't worry! HAHA!! You can always do a marathon! LOL! Wait ko top faves mo ha? ;)


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