Sunday, September 23, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

 Ola!:) I'm so happy seeing myslef working on my "To Blog List". Yay!! I already crossed out one item, still a long way to go, I know! One at a time as what some people says. HAHA! Anyhoo, tonight I will be doing a review of the only Coral shade on my lipstick collection! Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral!:) 
Revlon Lustruous Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral is a orangey red color. It has a creamy formula wherein I can say that it is really moisturizing!:) Applying this lipstick is close to perfection! It really glides on smoothly on the lips and will leave a semi glossy effect. (Which I love! I don't like super glossy type lipstick!:|) What I actually love about this lipstick is it is super long lasting! Even though it is a long lasting lipstick, I did not feel my lips being dried while wearing this! The lasting power is just awesome! I tell you!:) I wore it today to test, and I am really amazed how it stayed on my lips after eating lunch! Of course, it fades a little but for me, I don't need to retouch it cause it looks just so fine!:) You can actually wear this lipstick for 6 hours or more.  Even if the lipstick fades already, it still has the hint of it's color stained on the lips!:) Cool right?

  Packaging wise, of course I love how they conceptualize the tube with a clear plastic on top. Consumers would already know what the color really looks like especially if there's no tester to try out! Right?

The color is gorgeous! It's not too neon orange nor too carrot like orange. It's just perfect! I don't really wear this kind of lip color more often. I feel like the color does not match my skin tone. Or I'm still not used to it. But I would definitely wear this kind of color during summer where in vibrant and fun colors is always a trend!:) I will be updating this post with some pictures of me wearing this shade!:) For now, this swatch is all I can show you!:)

What do you think of this lip color? Would you wear it? I think coral shades are famous now a days.. hehe..

That's it for now, I will be back later tonight for my Day 12 makeup challenge!:) So check back if you want to know my favorite Mascara!:)

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  1. I thought it was only me who has observed that too, coral shades are trending.How about its pigment?

    1. Hi Jonna!:) It is pigmented!:) 1 to 2 swipes and you're ready to go!:) Thanks for dropping over!:)

  2. Yes! coral shade is pretty in nowadays and I would definitely wear it..^_~


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