Thursday, February 23, 2012

Itsjudytime Meet and Greet here in Manila!:)

I love watching make-up and hair tutorials in Youtube but it's just early last year that I discovered Judy's channel. It was my inaanak (God daughter introduced me to her channel. Ashley (my inaank) is so proud telling me: "Ninang, may tita ako sa Youtube, search mo dali Itsjudytime" while I was watching some make-up tutorial that time. I didn't notice the time from the moment I started watching her videos because I am so loving her! Been watching her tutorials for hours! Haha!:) From that time on, I'm a fan! YAY!:) I love make-up, yes! But its really hard for me to put on some eye shadows! haha!!:p Actually it's because of her why I got myself a set of make-up brushes! I love how she does her eye make-up!:) Well.. actually, everything!:) I got inspired, I wanna learn!:) After a few days, tadaaaa!! I got my 32pcs. make-up brushes! Hehe. In short, I love her! She inspires me to learn more. And yes! I'm proud to be her fan!:) Okay.. I wont make this introduction too long.

January 21, 2012, Saturday, 7pm at Red Mango, Mall of Asia is the day I have been waiting for! It's Judy of Itsjudytime's meet and greet! Yey!:) It was me, Tita Ching (Judy's cousin), Lola Julie (Judy's aunt), Ashey and Allysa (both Judy's niece) went at the venue. I'm super excited on finally meeting her! We arrived super early, like 1 and a half hour early, I think. Haha! Define excited? (LOL) Say of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero arrived earlier too to talk to the manager regarding the event. Actually, I'm also one of her followers. I approached her and we did some little chit chats too. Mostly about being Judy's fanatics and about make-ups!:) What else to talk about right? Anyway, I love this girl, she's so nice and so easy to talk with. Pramis!:) I so want to talk to her still but some of her beauty blogger friends arrived already. Little by little the venue is getting jam packed just right before Judy arrived! By the way, Benji (Judy's hubby) arrived earlier than Judy to coordinate with Say about the event.

Anyway, when Judy arrived. She went to our table (I'm with her relatives kase) just outside Red Mango. OMG!! She's sooooo gorgeous! I'm just starstruck! I can't believe that the beauty guru I used to watch on my lappy is now right in front of me and me doing some beso-beso! Hahaha!! Saya lang ng feeling!:) Judy is also with her lovely mom, Tita Nini and her cousins as well. Tita Ching also introduced me to Tita Nini. She knows my name already! Nakwento na pala ako ni Tita Ching sa kanya before. telling her that I'm a proud fan of her gorgeous daughter!:)

I can't explain the feeling while watching Judy speaks and breaks the ice. Every single girl on that room is just in an awe, all faces smiling, cameras flashing, video cam rolling. Everyone is just so busy capturing the moment. Puma-FAN girl ang peg namen that time! HAHA! Each of us got the chance to introduce ourselves. There's a question and answer portion too, where in Judy's fan can ask anything we want to know more about Judy or anything we want to know about beauty. Judy's so game answering them all! The FUN PART was when Judy asked questions about her videos, her life with Benji, Benji's favorite make-up that Judy's using etc. Anything that can be answered if you really are watching her videos!:) The first one to raise her hand and answered the question correctly will get a beauty loot from NYX cosmetics. Oh yeah! I'm just one of these girls listening attentively to the questions and prompt on raising hand! Haha! Well.. everyone of us got the beauty loot bag. Nobody goes home empty handed. YAY! I love it!:) Everyone is so busy asking her and her hubby Benji for pictures. Benji is such a supportive husband ever! Supeeer!:) They're such a lovely couple!:) After the picture taking, everyone can get yogurt treats for free! Yumyum!:)

Since I was with Judy's relatives, I am so lucky spending dinner with her and her big family! Say is with us too, ofcourse!:) We dine at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe. The foods are delish!:) I only got a few chance talking to Judy. She's so nice, sweet and a very down to earth person. Pramis!:) I regret the moment that I only got few words left on my English vocabulary when she talked to me. Hahaha! Sooobra! I'm just starstruck of her presence. Yung feeling na amazed na amzaed ka na hindi ka na makapagsalita!! HAHAHA!! I also got few pictures taken with her, kase naman di ko pala nacharge yung battery ng cam ko! Haaaay! Hehehe.. :p

After dinner, Judy and her cousins stayed at MOA, Say already went home after dinner, while the rest of us went to their hotel. Kuya Randy and Benji just drop us off at the hotel and went back to MOA. We just stayed maybe half an hour at Tita Nini's room. Tita Nini's such a proud mom! She logged on to Facebook and let us watch Judy's daily vlogs during their stay in Batangas. So sweet right?:) <3

I arrived home past 12mn already. It was indeed a great day ever! So happy spending my entire night with Judy, her husband Benji and her big family!:) Ofcourse meeting Say too!:)

Here are some photos taken during the M&G:

Judy showing us what's inside the beauty loot bag!:)

My one and only picture taken with Judy!:)
Sabi ni Kuya Randy, Judy's cousin: "Buti umabot pa!" (Nalowbatt na kase! Hahaha!!)

With Judy, Ashley and Alyssa

With Say!:)

Allysa and Say

Youtube's beauty Gurus!:)

Ashley enjoying her chocolate overload yogurt!:)

Dinner time!:)

Allysa and Ashley at the hotel lobby striking their pose!:)

Judy's treats!:) Nyx Cosmetics Beauty Loot Bag Giveaway!:)

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To end my novel-like entry, (LOL) I just wanna quote Judy's famous line: "Natural is Beautiful but Makeup is Glam!"

PS. I just wanna say Thank you to Judy and Benji for the yummy dinner!:) Sarap!:p

That's all for now, loves! Let's all stay gorgeous!:)

Love lots,


  1. I envy you for meeting judy! :( Ilove judy and benji! great couple. :) Nice blog. I'm a new follower! ;)

    1. Thank you Anne!:) I love them too!:) Followed your blog too!:)

  2. Hi there! That's great you were able to catch Judy while she was there! I've been watching her video blogs for quite some time now. You can also follow her blog "itsjudytime.blogspot"...She hasn't updated it though since last December, however I'm sure watching her youtube will keep you updated on the daily as I'm sure you already do ;). Anyways, cute blog! I've also decided to follow! Feel free to stop by my blog as well!


    1. Hi Jen!:) Yes! It was indeed a great time meeting Judy and Benji ang her family as well. Thank you for letting me know Judy's blogsite! Haha! Yeah! I always check her youtube channels daily. Thank you for following my blog. I'm just a starter! hehe.. Oh btw, followed your blog too! I'm sooo loving your site's design! Sooo cute, the first thing that shoots my mind is GARDEN! Soo graden-ish! Hehehe.. Xoxo