Sunday, March 4, 2012

Patapat Viaduct, Ilocos Norte

Hi Loves!:) Last year, I totally enjoyed the beach and the beauty of nature. I just want to share with you the places I visited. Actually, I am so lucky to travel and explore these beautiful places for free!:) Thanks to my cousin, Ate Vhe for tagging me along on her road trip adventures. For this post, I will be sharing some photos and a little information about Patapat Viaduct in Ilocos Norte.

For a little of nice to know facts, Patapat Viaduct is the 4th longest bridge here in the Philippines, according to wikipedia. This concrete bridge is built to solve some problems of vehicular accidents due to landslides. This is also a perfect place to do some photo ops with the great view of the Pasaleng Bay and the Cordillera Mountain Range. Here are some photos taken during our trip!:)
Oh before I forgot, this place is super perfect for jump shots! You can even lay down the road for some power trip shots! Pramis! Konti kasi ng dumadaan, madalang pa!:)

Of course I wont let this opportunity passed without my solo picture taken! HAHA!! Such a great view!:)

PS. This is just a one of the places we explore during our Ilocos Adventure!:) More to come!:)
It's more fun in the Philippines talaga!:)

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  1. wow, what a place! gorgeous! btw, I am having a birthday giveaway. I hope you can check and join.
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    1. Thank You!:) Follow my blog for more of my Ilocos Adventure posts!:D Followed you already!:) Nice blog!:D


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