Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 14, 2012

The 14th of February is not just a ordinary Tuesday for most of us. This day is extra-ordinary most especially to those people who have been shot by cupid's arrow. Haha! Some say this day is for couples who are desperately in love with each other. Haha! Desperately talaga? Of course not! This day is made special for everyone. Whether single or taken, young or old, it's just a matter of how you see things differently.. positively.

Since it's just me and my mom at home that day (my dad is busy managing our farm in the province while my kuya (older brother) will go to her girlfriend's house after work.), I made some merienda. Our all time favorite clubhouse sandwich (my version:p). It's just our simple way to celebrate Valentine's day. Yes! We do celebrate this day yearly. Either we eat out or I'll cook something for dinner or some snacks and eat together as a family. Sweet!!:) This day is special. Why choose to make it just ordinary day? This happens once a year so why make the day pass, right? Here's some pictures of my home made clubhouse sandwich. :)

Anyway, my inaanak (god daughter) made my Valentine's Day extra special too! She gave me a Valentine's Day letter. Awww... Isn't she the sweetest?

Super na-touch ako kasi special sa kanya yung stationery na ginamit nya dito. Ginamit na daw nya kasi special daw ako. Awww..

Being single on a Valentine's Day is not bad at all. Right?:) How about you? How'd you celebrate this special day? Share me your experience!:)

Before I end my post, let me share to y'all few lines of a song.. "Love, love has come my way, and I know it's gonna be okay. and it will always be a happy day.. because love has come my way." Spread the love!:)

Love lots,

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