Saturday, March 16, 2013

REVIEW: Facial Bleaching Soap from SKINETIQUE

Finally!:) Tonight is my off and I'm so ready doing this review!:) This is my first time to review a soap, I don't want to rush myself on posting this review because I really want to see what this product has to offer. Using a whitening soap does not take effect after several wash (based on my experience). I've tried many soap that offers a whiter skin after a week or so but for me, using it religiously and properly will give you what you wish for. So I decided to do this review after finishing the entire bar!:) At least I can totally give you information about this product.

This soap was sent to me by the ever beautiful Paq of Skinetique last January. See haul here. I am so excited to try this out the moment I opened my package! But since I'm trying another product, I started using it January 21, 2013. Actually this is my first time to use a black soap and I'm super curious about it. 
Sorry I forgot to measure it. Haha!! Just make these photos your reference. :)

I was curious if this soap will give black bubbles, but yeah it does not! HAHA!!:) 

Let me share with you my first impressions after using this soap!:)
-It really does remove dirt on my face. Emphasizing the word "REALLY"
-I super love the feeling of "super linis na face" after rinsing.
-It can remove face makeup such as foundation and blush.
-Mild scent

As days went by, this soap has been part my shower routine and before bedtime routine.
I use it twice a day and sometimes I wash my face 2x because I super love the feeling after each wash! HAHA!! Adik lang?:p 
As I have said earlier, using a whitening product needs a lot of patience for you to see the result. I've been using this for almost  2 months now, 53 days to be exact. Yes! You read it right, 2 months. I am amazed how this product lasts like forever. Most of the whitening soap I've used lasts for a week and known to melt bigtime! But this soap, no no no!!   I'm more than happy that I've seen a good result using this product. It evens out my skin tone, and lighten my pimple marks!:)  I love it super that I seldom wear makeup at work and go home after a toxic shift without looking greasy! HAHA!! It really does minimize the oiliness on my face, knowing the humid temperature here in Manila plus the fact that the hospital I work is kinda hot! LOL
I noticed that the color of my face is kinda different from my arms, so I decided to use it on my extremities earlier this month, but still I got a small part of the soap left!! Amazing!!:) The best part of it: it's only 80PhP!!! :) 

Here's a photo of the soap after 50 days. Sorry for the wrong date. It's March 12, 2013 not 16!! Advance lang ang peg? AHAHAH!!

 Here's a before and after photo. The before photo was actually taken taken February 9. I can't seem to find a photo of me not wearing makeup before using this soap. The after photo was taken just now. HAHA!!:)
If you want to try this soap out, please visit Skinetique's Facebook Page to order!:)

Will definitely recommend this to all of you who wants to have a fairer skin with a tight budget!:) I would definitely repurchase this again and again and again!! HAHA!:)

Thanks Sis Paq for letting me try this amazing soap!:)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Skinetique as a gift without an agreement of posting a review. This is my fair and honest review of this product based on my experience!:) Always remember that products that works for me may not work for you and vise versa!:)

So that's it for tonight!:)
God Bless and Keep Safe!:)

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