Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Finally! I have been planning on making myself a blog site where I can share anything under the sun. Yay!:) Having a new blog I think will help me kill time to wait for April and finally start my training as a Nurse and hopefully be employed as a staff nurse! I'm excited!:) Excited to share my life as a Nurse who works in a hospital, not just a Nurse. Hope you get what I mean. Haha! Anyway, this blog will be definitely talking about anything what is going on with my life. Maybe more on foods that I cook and love, songs and movies that I love, books that I read, places I have been, clothes that I love, make ups that most every woman loves. Ooops, I am now abusing the word "love" here. ;) Obviously all about anything that pops my head and captures my heart!:) That's it for now. I will be posting more soon! :)

Advance happy Thursday everyone!:)


  1. Wow, welcome to bloggersphere Michelle. ;)


    1. Thanks Pau!:) Nangangapa pa ako! Hahaha!;)


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