Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miners Matte Factor Lip Paints REVIEW

It's 3am and no one can stop me from doing this post! HAHA!! As promised, I will be doing review about the SUPER WINNER lippies, Miners Matte Factor Lip Paints.

Miners Matte Factor Lip Paints:
- a creamy texture lipstick that looks like a lip gloss. (the packaging)
- these lippies glides smoothly when applied and that creamy texture will result into a super great matte finish!(excuse me for the exaggeration slash redundancy "super great" but I think that's the perfect line to describe it!:p)
- After letting it dry on your lips, try to kiss the back of your hand.. It wont transfer! Perfect!:)
- PIGMENTED!:) Oohlala!:)
- Does not dry your lips even if its matte finish. But of course proper hydration of the lips should not be forgotten!:) (In my case, I always remove my lipstick before bedtime and apply petroleum jelly overnight. Drink lotsa water too!)
- Last for 4-6hours with minimal retouch. But if you drink using a straw and with a minimal food intake, I think no need for retouch.
- PERFECT on kodakan moments! HAHA! Looks good on photos!:)

Here are some pictures for you to see and judge. PS. Judge the color not the one wearing it ok? HAHAHA!!:) Be nice and gentle.. LOL

L-R: Deep Red, Peach, Cappuccino

Me wearing the deep red shade and Alyssa wearing the peach shade.

DEEP RED- The name describes it already!:) My favorite!!:) "Lakas lang maka Ruby!:) Ang Bida Kontrabida!":p If you're a Filipino and watches Teleserye, I think you know what I mean!:D
PEACH- It's peach with pink undertone. Perfect for everyday look!:)

CAPPUCCINO- Before, I'm very addicted to nude shade lipsticks and because of this, I'm beginning to love it again!:) Don't get me wrong, RED will always be my forever love!:) This shade is perfect for a natural look, and for those who loves doing smokey eye look!:) Looks like you're not wearing any lipstick but your lips looks bolder! This is great if you wanna cheat for a plain natural lips look!:p
NOTE:Pardon my picture, I just need to take this shot right after we arrived home from a debut! (Actually kanina lang yan! Excited na kasi ako mag-post ng review!)

PS. Always remember that the things I experience may or may not be the same as yours.
This is based on my personal experience of the product and based purely on my honest opinion.

If you want to try this lippies, visit Makeup Hub By Naturele Collezione NOW!:)
Can't wait to try the Warm Red and Hot Pink shades!:)
PRICE: 300PHP/tube

I will definitely repurchase!:)
MUST TRY and a MUST HAVE on your make up kits!:)

So that's it for now loves!:) Will be posting another product review tomorrow so check back, okay?:)
Will sleep now. It's already 3:36am! Ang tagal kasi maupload nung pics! HAHAHA!!

Love Lots,


  1. How affordable! Thanks for the information :> Will try it reaal soon. :)

    1. Definitely worth trying Alyssa!:) XOXO

  2. Nicee!! loved the cappuccino too!! I'm so going to get this too!! thanks for sharing ^_^~

  3. oh my! i jst fell in love with the cappuccino shade! it makes the whole make up look natural and effortless!

  4. oh wow now I'm excited to try mine out cause of your review.. I got mine from a giveaway, sponsored by make up hub.. :)

    1. I knew it kaw nga yung nanalo! HAHA!! Enjoy sis!!:)

  5. oooh!!! super like!!! gotta try those!!! <3 thanks sis for the great review! ^^



    1. You should try it sis!:) Thanks for dropping by!:)


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