Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Manic Monday Haul: Tresemme, Glamworks, J&J Milk Soap, Wet n' Wild

I just wanna share to you all what I've got today!:) I went to mall to meet up Aileen, the owner of Stuff N' Shop to get the lippies I ordered. I ordered 2, and she's so generous to give another two for my up coming giveaway!:) Yey!:) Wanna guess what shades I ordered and for the giveaway? hehe.. So after meeting her up, I went to SM department store to buy the soap but I saw this Glamworks exfoliating body scrub! I've been on the quest of  finding and getting this body scrub for more than 3 months now! Finally!!! Yeeeey!:) I super love the smell of it, smells like D&G Light Blue!:) I also got myself a tubof Tresemme hair mask for hair prone to breakage and' hairfall. Yes! I've been experiencing a lot of hair falls especially after taking a bath!:( Let's see!!

Tresemme Hair Mask - 169PhP
Glamworks Exfoliating Body Scrub- 99PhP
J&J Baby Milk Soap- 42PhP
Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick- 220PhP each from Stuff N' Shop

So that's it for my Monday Haul!:)
Stay tuned for my Fab Thank You Giveaway!:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!

Love Lots,


  1. I use Johnson's too - pero yung milk bath! :) Bango! I love smelling like a baby hihi


    1. Hi Shari!:) I use the milk bath din.. Usually kase I use soap then last yung mulk bath! hehehe.. More than 5 years ko na ata gamit yun.. hehe.. :p

  2. I love baby soaps! I prefer using them instead of Safeguard etc on most days. Hihi!
    Will keep my eyes on the lookout for that body scrub! :D So cheap for the amount it has ha! :D

  3. great hauls!! ang cute naman nun package from Stuff n shop! heart shaped! ^_~

    1. Super true sis!:) Pagkakita ko nga, napawow ako! Super nice!:) Love it:)


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