Thursday, November 29, 2012

REVIEW: Barry M Lip Paint in Pink Suede 150

Yay for another lippy review!:) This is just the first leg of my product review from my Skye Avenue Haul. Since most of the girls requested me to review this first, wish granted!:p 

To quote Barry M's website. "Barry M is known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company. With over 400 different colours and a wide range of products Barry M has become a household name in the field of fashion cosmetics. We offer the customer a low to mid-price brand of quality, affordable and extremely fashionable cosmetics."  Actually, visiting their website makes we wanna order and hoard lots of their products but.. yeah no moolah to splurge! HAHA!:p The good thing about Barry M Cosmetics is that they did not test their products nor ingredients on animals! Yay! No more animal cruelty!:) 

So let's get into business. Barry M Lip Paint in Pink Suede is a nude with a hint of warn pink undertone, for me it's a semi matte finish!:) Actually this is my first pinkish nude lipstick. After trying this out, I asked myself why did I missed this great shade for the longest time!! HAHA!!  With regards to the packaging, I love it! It's made of a black matte plastic material with the brand name printed in gold at the top lid. :) For me, this look is simple yet classy. 

So here's some photos of it..
For me, this is the closest color in real life.
The color is really different if taken with flash. This is too bright.
See how classy the packaging is? Love the brand's name printed in gold!:)

Let me tell you what I like about this lippy
-Perfect nude shade ever!
-Easy to apply, creamy and glides on smoothly upon application
-Great for everyday use
-Affordable at 340, Now on SALE at 300PHP
-Long Lasting! Yes! Even after eating meron pa din!:)
-Can last 6-7 hours
-No crazy smell or whatsoever.
-Even after swiping off the product from your lips, the color stays. 
-1 swipe is enough! It's pigmented!:)
-What you see is what you get. Same color from the tube and if worn.
-Perfect combination for smokey eyes

What I don't like about it
-If you don't put lip moisturizer and if you don't exfoliate your lips, you can see that the product might tend to sink in the lines of your lips. So better do moisturize and exfoliate!:) This is a must for  people with dry lips.

For the swatches:

Overall, I love this product. This is my current favorite nude lipstick!:) I really like the hint of warm pink it gives!:) I would definitely recommend this product! This is a must have nude lipstick, promise!:) Oh by the way, I think this shade is perfect for us Filipinas. :)

To end this blog post, let me share with you 2 photos of me wearing Barry M Pink Suede!:)

To get your own Barry M Pink Suede Lip Paint, visit Skye Avenue now and avail their discounted price!:) They're having Pre-Christmas Clearance Sale too!:)

Disclaimer: This review is based on my honest and pure opinions and personal experiences regarding this product. Remember, what works for me might not work for you and vise versa. Feel free to share your experience and thoughts about this product too!:)

So that's it for my review!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!

Love Lots,


  1. wow, ang ganda sa'yo Mitchie, fits you well

  2. Lovely shade!


    1. Lovely just like you.. *wink* Thanks sis!:)

  3. one of my fave barry shade! great review :)

    1. Yaaaay!!!:) Love your Barry M Touch of Magic Lip paint review sis!:) Thanks for dropping by.. :)

  4. bagay sau sis!! love love love~ ang ganda ng color~ ^_~

    1. Winner di ba? haha!! Thanks sis!!:) xoxo

  5. Bagay na bagay! I love pinky nudes and peach nudes din! :)


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