Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rushed Monday Haul

Went out to get my authenticated diploma I requested 2 weeks ago at FEU. Yes! I studied at FEU!:) Decided to buy a gift for my baby Ashley (my inaanak/ God daughter) and some stuffs for myself. ;)

So here's the list and the prices that I've got:

a. Floral Top- 549.75PhP (SM Department Store)
b. Aido Eye Putti/Eyelash Adhesive- 140PhP (SM Department Store)
c. Fairy Tale Fail By Mina V Esguerra- 175PhP (National Bookstore)
*Bigla ko na-miss magbasa!:)*
d. Caress Hair Spray- 68.95 (Isetann, Recto)
e. Clean & Clear Facial wash- 73.75PhP
f. OMG Nail Polish- 18PhP each (Isetann, Recto)
*For Ashley. Nagrequest, like daw nya ng nail polish para this Christmas break magkukyutiks daw sha! HAHAHA.. I did not include my gift for her in this post.*
g. Paganini Hair Curlers- 80PhP 
*I'm planning to curl my hair for my Christmas Eve look!:) 

So that's it for my haul today!:)
Product reviews soon!:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!

Love Lots,

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  1. Hi Mitchie, I love your haul! :) You gave me an idea on what to give to my office-mate this coming xmas. I think the OMG Nail Polish will make them smile. :)

  2. the OMG nail polishes look gorgeous. they've really been coming up with new stuff lately huh? I should definitely check more of their stuff out. Thanks for sharing!



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