Sunday, January 20, 2013

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2013

Hello friends!:) I just wanna share with y'all one of the goodies I got from Ms.Gem of Rare Vanity's giveaway- the Belle de Jour Power Planner!:) Wooohooooo!!:) I badly needed a planner. Just in time!:)
 This is how the cover of the planner looks like. I love it. It's in black and so girly!:)

 I'm a certified BDJ Girl and I love it!:)

 An inspiring quote will greet you once you open your planner!:)

 Each BDJ Planner comes with a Belle de Jour Membership card where in you can use for discounts on their affiliated shos/companies.

 This is the fun part!:) Discount coupons!:) Oh yeeeeaaaah!!:)

 Fun checklist!:)
 Affiliated shops!:)
 Red Alert!:)
 Wanna plan your outfits? This page is for you!:)

Tips tips tips!:) This planner is not only for writing. There are a lots of articles to be read and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from it!:)

 I super love writing my to do list on this planner. Too bad I can't show what's written on this page. I might spoil something I've been working on. Hahaha!:)

 Keep on track of your bills helps to remind you when to pay. This will limit you from paying extra charges for late payments. Hehehe.. Thumbs up!:)
 Hmmm.. Will start writing on this page next month!!:)

Calendar for this year and the next year!:)

Oh btw, there's a mini envelope at the back of planner where in you can slip on some of your receipts, notes and some paper stuffs. Cool eh?

I'm sure this planner is worth  it if you want to purchase one or if you already bought one!:) Getting all those discounts coupons, even free items costs more than this planner' is!:) I'm so excited to use all (hopefully.. hihi) those discounts coupons. 

If you want a sneak peak of the prizes I won from the giveaway. Click here.

So that's it for today.
Hope I can wake up
 3:50am for my AM shift duty. HAHA! 3hours of sleep? Goodluck naman saken!:p
Keep Safe and God Bless

Love Lots,

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