Saturday, August 4, 2012

REVLON Matte Lipstick in Fabulous Fig REVIEW

I just said on my last post that I'm asking for a week for me to start my reviews and other posts. But I'm just so excited to share with you loves what I've got just a few days ago.

I used to wear a Revlon Matte Lipstick in "In the Red" shade and has been my red to go lipstick for months. I guess I will never get tired of wearing red lipsticks ever! HAHA!! I got it for 325 cash on delivery over ebay. I saved 150+PHP and effort. LOL

Last week, I was browsing ebay for some affordable authentic make ups and this is what I've found!:) The first thing that caught my attention is the price! As in OH EM GEE! The product is up for grabs at 228PHP only compared to the mall price which is 470+ I think. I panicked! HAHA! I searched the net and look for swatches of this shade.. and I just fell in love with it.  All in all I shell out 656PHP, cause I also got a Revlon blusher (which will be on a separate post) and additional 120PHP for the shipping fee. If you think of it, 228+120 shipping fee is just 348PHP compared to mall price of 470+PHP plus your effort and transpo and all.. HAHA!! Isn't it a great steal? Oh btw, the lippy is sealed!:)

TEXTURE: What I love about this lipstick is it's matte but it has this creamy where in it's easy to apply with and glides on smoothly on the lips.
SHADE: Fabulous Fig is a dark red lipstick with deep brown undertone.
SMELL: No smell at all :)
LASTING POWER: On my experience, it lasted for 4 hours with minimal eating. What I just noticed is after eating a full meal, the color stayed on the corners of the lips. A bit of retouch and it's all good.
PACKAGING: The lipstick comes with a black and silver matte tube and it comes with a transparent plastic thingy on the top of the cover.

I will update this post with my pictures wearing this lippy.. SOON!:)

See how they design their lipstick tubes? A transparent top cover  that is more easy for the buyers to take a peek on the color inside the tube.


That's it for now loves.
I will be back for a lot of reviews and experiences to share with!:)
Have a great and safe weekend!:)

Love Lots,


  1. Hi mitchie! I've been following, err, stalking your blog for some time now and it's really cool to see fresh new posts from you., :) Looking forward to more posts and happiness from you.. :)


    btw, the shade you got is so beautiful.. :)

  2. Hi Nicole!! Thanks sis!:) Glad to hear that!:) Ako din happy to share new post with all of you.. Been busy lately kasi.. It's time for me to make bawi.. HAHA!! Btw, kaw ba yung isa sa winners sa FB party ni Kim? If yes! Congrats!:) XOXO

  3. I need this colour, too! :D

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    -> I already follow you! (name: "fille" - you should find me somewhere on the last pages, because I haven't got a profile picture)

    My fashion blog :)

  4. Wow sobrang sulit naman nung price O_O Is it safe to buy sa ebay? Parang nakakatakot bumili ng makeup dun! XD

    1. Super talaga! Based on my experience ok naman mga nabibili ko sa e-bay na mga makeup.. Lahat ng lipsticks na nabili ko are all sealed.. Try mo din.. You can ask naman the seller about the products na like mo bilhin.. :) Let me know your experience pag nakabili ka ha?:)


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