Monday, February 25, 2013

How Do I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Hello friends!:) I'm so happy that I find time to write again. I know it's my blog anniversary month yet I just posted few since the first day of February. I'm still not that good on time management especially if my work changes it's shift every week. Hehe.. Anyhoo, I don't have work today so I decided to clean my makeup buddies- makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are our best friends to a flawless finish makeup look! Right? But they are also our number one enemies for skin irritations and breakouts! Yes? So using it daily means harboring dirt and other bacteria that can breakout our skin. Lets make it a habit to clean our makeup brushes! Believe me, the feeling of applying makeup using a freshly cleaned tools is heaven!:) HAHA!!

I don't have those brush cleanser, so I just used shampoo, baby oil, clean water, lots of paper towel and a spray bottle with water. Though this takes time, I don't mind! HAHA!! Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly and squeeze extra water before hanging it!:)

It's nice if you use brush guards, btw. But since I don't have it. I just leave it just like this!:)
All I need is a hanger with lots of clips and a rubber band!:) I just let it dry over night.
who says hanger with clips are just used to hang undies? LOL!:p
For me, the best way to dry makeup brushes is hanging it upside down so that water will not go directly to the wooden handles which will eventually loosen up the glue that holds the hairs of your brush! So you will end up with a bleeding brush!:( I love the feeling seeing my freshly cleaned brushes hanging and ready to use the next day!:) 

Hope you learned something from me!:) How about you, how'd you clean your brushes? Share by leaving a comment below!:)

Happy Monday everyone!:)

Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,


  1. Whoa! Looks like I'll be making use of our hangers with clips for this purpose na rin. :D I use dishwashing liquid or the plain Pond's facial wash for my makeup brushes. :D

  2. i think this better than my idea! i wrap mine in a plastic bottle with the brushes facing downwards :P

  3. Very creative!! Pag naglilinis ako I just let the brushes sit on a clean dry towel and wait for them to dry. :)

    Btw I hope you join my giveaway, over here!


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