Tuesday, February 19, 2013

REVIEW: Leyende Clean Slate Multi-Task Cleanser

Hello friends!:) Before anything else, I just want to say sorry for being MIA for this month. I promise to back on daily blogging  (or every other day blogging) as soon as possible. Hihi.. Anyhoo, tonight I want to share with you my thoughts and experience about Leyende Clean Slate Multi-task cleanser. I got this from my Sample Room last month. See haul here.

To quote Sample Room's product description:
Clean Slate Brightlifting™ Face Cleanser (non-foaming) with pandan powder and calamansi extract (100mL)
· for all skin types
· for men and women
· for day and night use
· gentle but effective cleansing of pore-clogging oil, dirt and make-up
· brighter, healthy-looking skin without compromising skin’s natural oils
· pandan powder: regular use in facial care results in more even skin tone; exfoliating properties to encourage cell turnover
· calamansi extract: used in Filipino culture to even skin tone and gently fade brown spots 

Okay.. now let me share my experience using this product. Let me talk about the packaging first. I really like the lotion-like packaging, it's really convenient to use. The bottle looks sturdy, and what I really like about it's packaging is that it comes with a pump. It's not messy to use and pro-hygiene!:)

Using this product is easy. It's like applying lotion on face. It comes with a creamy texture that's why it's easy to massage on your face to remove makeup and dirtIt's actually my first time to use this type of cleanser and yes it really does removes dirt and makeup. What I like the most is that even I put some on my eye area, it doesn't irritate my eyes. I also love the fact that it can remove waterproof mascara! Well you just need to massage the area first and wipe. It depends of how many layer of mascarra you're about to remove. I sometimes do it 2x to remove the product thoroughly. So far, I've been using this to remove my makeup after work. One more thing, I like the feeling of a supple smooth skin without the feeling of greasiness. What bothers me a lot is the smell. It's too strong for me. I would love to smell a green tea-ish scent. :)

I tested this product with the following products:
Liquid Foundation
Liquid Eyeliner
Eye Pencil
Waterproof Mascarra
Matte Lipstick
A pea size amount of product is enough to remove almost all the product tested except the waterproof mascarra.

As you can see on the 8th photo, my skin is kinda red right? I put extra effort removing the product. HAHAHA!! Don't worry. Removing waterproof mascarra on your lashes is not that hard. Hihihi..

Repurchase it again? I think I will try other products for now. Not unless they change the scent of this product, I might go back!:) 
Have you tried using this makeup remover too? Wanna share with me your thoughts about it? Comment below!:)

So that's it for tonight. I need to get ready for my 10-6 duty later!
Praying for a benign shift!:p HAHAHA!

Have a fab night everyone!:)
Keep Safe and God Bless!:)

Love Lots,

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  1. Nice review sis! Very similar to AHAVA all in one toning cleanser.

    BTW, love love the photos! :)

    1. Yay!! Thanks sis!:) Super effort talaga ako taking pics.. :) Glad you love it!:)

  2. haven't heard of this brand yet.. but it looks effective :)


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