Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first liquid foundation! YES, FIRST!

Just so you know, I'm not a fan of liquid foundation. I don't even own one! HAHA!! (Looser much? Naaaaaah!!:p) I don't know, but i'm already satisfied with my loose mineral foundation and my 2 way powder foundation. But recently I just feel like getting myself a liquid foundation of my own. I have read a lot about the SAN SAN MATTE FINISH LIQUID FOUNDATION, since I'm on a very tight budget, I can't afford for now getting the liquid foundation I'm eyeing so I decided to give it a try. I don't know what shade will suit my skin tone, I ended up getting the #01 shade which is Natural (as what the sales lady told me). I also saw different types of false eye lashes, its just 20.75PHP per pair, so I also get 1 pair to try out.

SAN SAN MATTE FINISH LIQUID FOUNDATION regular price is 132PHP, it's on sale and I got it at 106PHP only!:)

1 bottle contains 30ml of liquid foundation

#01 Shade- Natural (That's what the sales lady told me.)

Having second thought of wearing this on the wedding. Parang sobrang bonnga kasi! LOL

I will be using the liquid foundation tomorrow for a friend's wedding. I'm worried if I'll get oily skin, wearing this foundation. Oiliness is next to ugliness, right? But how will I know without trying right? I've been experiencing oily face on my T-zone this past few days. Good thing I got my oil control film to wipe those oil away!:)

You, do you have any suggestions for a good liquid foundation and how to control the oil on my face? I'm not that oily not until this Summer. I think the severe weather causes my skin to secrete more oil. Hehe. Your reply would mean a lot to me!:) I will be back this weekend for all my pending blog posts, hopefully!:)

I will be updating y'all about my experience wearing it. For now... wish me luck!:)

Btw, here's a photo of my adopted baby puppy while I'm doing this post. So cute right?:)
He's sleeping in front of me inside an opened box drawer. <3

That's all for now, loves!:)

Love Lots,


  1. i dont wear foundation, only concealor and powder, but sometimes i DO wear it and usually i wear liquid! :)


  2. haven't tried liquid foundation ever since :3
    but i think bb cream + foundation is kinda like a liquid foundation too ? lol

    anyways, i wear bb cream + foundation :) you should try it too
    it hides blemishes btw

  3. i really love using liquid foundation but my very oily and acne-prone skin makes me break out even using the quite expensive ones :( lucky you, you have great skin :)

    anyways, i hope you could follow my blog too ,, thanks and stay happy ÜÜÜ


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