Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hiyeee!:) As promised, I will be doing a few blog posts this weekend, this is just 1 out of “I don’t know” posts that I will Be sharing with y’all!:)HAHA!
So last month, I ordered 8 pcs. NYX SLP (slim lip pencil) on a pre-order basis (this means I need to wait like 3-4 weeks for me to get the items that I ordered) at NYX Cosmetics By Onlineshoppingzone on Facebook. It’s just yesterday (Friday) that I received my order. It’s a little delayed but it’s fine since I know how it feels for a seller whenever her package is delayed because I’m a seller too. Plus the fact that Gel, the owner is nice and replies to my queries!:) Actually I just want to buy the deep red shade because I saw it on 1 of Teena’s (ofAngKikayKo) video on YouTube. The shade would look good on my Miners Matte Factor Lip Paint in Deep Red!:) Name pa lang ng shade pareho na di ba? Hahaha!! I’m excited to wear it on my friend’s wedding which happen to be the same day my order will be delivered! Haha! Well.. I still have lots of time to try it out!:)

Anyhoo, without further blah blah, here are the swatches of my 8 NYX SLP.

FYI, I did not adjust the color of the photos for you to see the real color of it. I just put some linear gradient on the sides because I need to cover some unnecessary things on my background! LOL!:)

Hope this post will help you find the perfect shade you're looking for!:) Any shades you like to recommend? Let me know, I would love to try them out!:) Review will follow anytime soon!:)

PS. Don't get my photos without my permission! I spend hours taking pictures and watermarking them so please, ask. I would gladly say yes!:)

Love Lots,


  1. I'm in need of some NYX products! These liners look gorgeous <33 I personally think Deep Red looks lovely on you :)

    1. Hi Chloe babe!:) Thank you!:) Deep Red is my fave!:) Go get your NYX products now! Haha!;) Thanks for following my blog. Followed you back! I love how you do your eye make-up! So gorg!:) XOXO

  2. Replies
    1. Yes!:) Bloom shade is my personal favorite among the pinks!:)

  3. The bright colors all look so pretty on you!! :D

    Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother? :D

  4. nice haul, nyx has awesome products for lips

  5. Are you wearing false lashes here? Your eyes look great!

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  6. i am now eyeing cabaret!i love thanks for this!:)


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