Sunday, April 29, 2012


False eyelashes is one of the NYX products that I got from Judy's beauty loot she gave during her M&G here in Manila last January. It's just last April 3 that I got the chance to use it. I tried it once but it didn't work out since the glue that comes into the kit is not so good. Since it's my first time to wear false eyelashes on a certain occasion, I want to get a good glue which is not that expensive because I know that I won't be using it every now and then. A small one is just perfectly fine for my own consumption. I saw this on Watsons and gave it a  try! 

 I think the price is just enough for the product you got.
 See how small it is. It's smaller than a regular ballpen cap!:) Remember the bottle used for a perfume sample? Looks like that, right?:)

 This is the color you will see during application, it's not pearly white color. Kind of purplish one. I don't know how to describe it. HAHA!!:p

Another shot!:)

Overall, It's a must try!:) It's adhesiveness is great and will last for half a day and more. :)
The only problem that I encounter using it is 1.) it's hard to open especially when you already used it, the glue left on the opening of the bottle make it hard to open it. 2.) After removing your false eyelashes, the mark of the glue remains and it's hard to remove even after washing it. :( Looks like I have some dirt on my lashes and eyelids.. Haha!:)

Repurchase? Yes!:) Not unless I got addicted on wearing false eyelashes, I guess that's the time I'll get the DUO eyelash glue. But for now, I'll stick to this!:)

Are you a false lashes junkie? Any recommendations for a not over priced yet good quality glue? Let me know!:)

That's it for now loves. It's almost 4am and I need to go to bed!:) I will be continuing this blogging marathon tomorrow!:) Have a great Sunday everyone!:) Don't forget to attend the Holy Mass!:)

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  1. I'm using the one from Aido.. the eye putti! it's inexpensive and works great too!

    1. Hi Banannie!:) Thank you for sharing!:) Will definitely try that after consuming my nichido!:) XOXO

  2. I love Duo lash adhesive. It's a little pricey, but totally worth it! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this great post ^^


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